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step back on potty

for about a week and half now fin has gone backwards with toilet!

we got to stage very easily (so it was bound to go wrong sometime) to him telling us and going toilet we would usually still have to to help pull down and up clothes but never had accidents if out would still tell. so i brought a seta for toilet and step - prob is he still cant get up himself and if tries to get down he catches willy.... and wee tends to spill over seat - he then pushes it down and it somehow still squirts up!!!

anyway so he did loose independance also suppose we stopped praising etc........... he has turned very naughty and jealous recently and its all same timing with now................

has been pooing in pants (never did once since beginning) and today at park and just stood on climbing frame and weed...............................

so i have just got potty back out and said to use that unless he wants to go on toilet then ask... also think going to have to go back to reward chart for bit!

wondered if this is normal or connected to sudden change in behaviour and jealousy... xxx


  • I have had exactly the same with Brendan! To the point where his nursery suggested I put him back in nappies but I was really reluctant to do that since he had been out of them for 3 months. They were great with him and started asking him every 30 minutes if he needed the loo. At home I got the potty out again (like Fin Brendan can get himself on the toilet, and can even get his trousers down, baby seat on the loo, and sit on it do his business, take the baby seat off, close the loo, stand on it and flush it, and wash his hands!). And within about two weeks of going back to basics a bit he has been dry at nursery again and is dry at home 99% of the time. If he has any accidents now it tends to be just a bit of wee when he is getting to the loo.

    Keep going with it, he will get there. xxx
  • thanks! i have got potty back out and really praised him the last 2 wees! have noticed he is dry every night now for last 2 weeks even tho has bottle of milk before bed - still put nappy on him and will do for while as im up and down most of night to mason so dont want another thing!

  • The dry nappies at night is brill, and although it may sound daunting, go for it without them at night! Once my boys were dry for a week, they were out of nappies and rarely did they wet the bed. I just put one of the bed mats under the sheet but above the waterproof sheet so it protected the undersheet too if they did wee. But honestly, neither did very often. Gracie's only had one dry nappy so won't be going there yet with her! My friend's lo who's the same age as Alfie refused to wear nappies day or night aged 22months!
    Sorry, I know that wasn't the topic, but it could be the next step??!
  • I am way too chicken to take Bren out of his nappies at night, some mornings his nappy is dry but most of the time it isn't. As he shares a room with Jacob then it would mean both of them being woken up if Bren wet the bed which having only just got them both sleeping through from 7:30pm to 6:30am I really don't want to go back to broken nights sleep!

    I think once I am happy he has totally cracked the daytime toilet training and he is more consistant with not weeing at night in his nappy I will try and be braver. I may try the feel wet nappies first and then at least it just means taking him out of the room and changing him rather then having to change bed sheets too.

    I can't wait until we can get our basement done so they can have a bedroom each lol! They will probably be 5 by the time we have got sorted with what we want and got planning etc!! x
  • Rhys has een terrible since he came back off his holidays and can having 2-3 accidents a day! He even just sat next to me on the sofa last night and just weed on me. I've reverted back to keeping him pant free when we are in as I was going through so many clothes and underpants with him.
    We're still pretty wet at night but he's fine during the day with his naps and has been nappy free with them for about 4/5 weeks and has only had 1 accident.
  • Elijah was doing great and then went backwards too, i think its normal. He will not sit on the toilet though, with or without his little seat, so still going on potty. The potette Liz sent me has been an absolute dream; he loves it! Wants to take it everywhere.
    But yes, this week weve had accidents and it seems to be better if he doesnt wear trousers indoors, just pants. Its weird cos hes fine when we're out!!! x
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