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Thought id just update you on our potty situation.
We tried for the first time a few weeks ago, as some of you know. Elijah did about 1 wee on the potty and then a million on the floor. I kept going for a bit, but it seemed that he had decided that he wasnt going to do it. So in the end (very fed up of cleaning wee on carpet) i put the nappy on. Since then hes been telling me when he wees or poos so will restart in a week or so! xx


  • Hope you have better luck this week image

    PT with a carpet must be hard our wooden floor took all the hits and is so easy to clean up. I think the have to really get the idea without a nappy on to go through that transition and fully understand how to PT
  • Thank you.
    We have wooden floors in kitchen/living area, but carpet in hallway & bedrooms. Hubby was saying i should keep him in the one room but would love to see him try! hehe x
  • Hope you have better luck next week, we're getting there slowly. Seem to have a really good week and then will have a day with about 4 accidents but sure will get there eventually.

    For getting wee out of the carpet I have a spray called urine eliminater by rug doctor and it's great. Just spray it on and put a damp cloth or something over it and it draws out the smell and any stains. I got it to do a product review on and it came at the perfect time lol.
  • oo thanks becci will have a look at that! image Bought some antibacterial fabreeze aswell. Says on the back 'to be used alongside good hygeine practice' LOL! x
  • I'm glad that Maddy isn't the only one who is struggling with this concept! I sometimes feel that I have been a bit to lax and laid back with it but, she gets so upset if I force the issue and I certainly don't want it to be something that frightens her.
    The childminder has a week off soon so I am going to just let Maddy walk around in pants the whole week and take it from there. It's a shame really that I'll have to spend that week in the house... Would have loved to take her out and about but, I can't afford nappies much longer image
    Good luck all Mummy's and Lo's who are still mastering the dreaded PT!!!
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