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My baby belly!!! :-)

My bump today at 38+2

and saturday (not looking very happy haha)



  • wow firstly your soooooooooo much younge than i thought you were - funny isnt is when you imagine someone!!!! and MY GOD YOUR SOOOOOOOOO SLIM!!!!! YOUR BUMP IS LOVELY AND NEAT!!!

    not long to go now, how you feeling and what about names or is that doing your head in now???

  • Haha im 21 although with all the aches and pains i feel like an old lady lol Thankyou my bump is smaller this time round so hoping baby is slightly smaller ( although floyd was 7lb12 so not too big)

    im feeling pretty tired but i have had a busy weekend my mums had floyd all weekend so i've been hitting the town lol...still no closer to choosing a name SIGH!!!!!!!

  • You look fantastic! You can't possibly be due so soon, your bump is soooo neat and small! Make sure you take it easy - well as much as you can anyway, although I had my first at 21 and I was out hitting the town 2 weeks before he was born too!
    Good luck with choosing a name xx
  • thanks, when i was preg with floyd i went out 7days after i was due to see if i could dance him out haha i dint work!!!! I will be taking it easy from now on as i definatley cant handle the late nites anymore!!!
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  • Wow you look amazing! Oh to be 21 again!!!
  • You look fab! What a neat and lovely little bump. Im 6 weeks and honestly my belly looks bigger than that i think!! Hmm.... mines fat and not baby then!
    And where are all your stretch marks? Im very jealous!
    Lovely pics., Thanks for sharing them x
  • What a fab bump! I have some of Gracie's bump a bout 2 week b4 popping and I was HUGE!!!
    And yes, to be 21 again lol.
    Good luck, you chosen a short list for names yet?!
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