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Babies weight

I was wondering what weight all our babies were now?
Jack got weighed today hes 8lb 10 now. Two weeks ago he was 7lb 4 hes 6 week old on Monday. image


  • Gracie will be weighed tom as hv visits for the 1st time! A`week last tues she was 10lb5! Will update tom if she brings her scales. Hope she does as don't want to go to clinic in this bad weather!
  • Lily was 8lb 12 oz last Thursday when she was 5 weeks 3 days old. She's getting chubby at last!
  • Alfie was 7lb 9oz when born. I got him weighed yesterday and he was 9lb 13oz. Bless him; hes even got little chubby cheeks now! (hes 5 wks on fri)

    Suz x
  • Holly was 11lbs 6 at 5 weeks lol I must have channel Island milk!!
  • Felicity was 10pounds 9oz on tuesday at 4 weeks old. She was 7pounds 9oz at birth.
  • Holly was 7lb 1oz at birth, she is now 3 weeks 1 day and is 7lb 13oz.
  • Bryn hasn't been weighed for 10 days - but 10 days ago (when he was 4wks + 3) he was a whopping 12lb 9oz (born 8lb15) - and hes certainly grown since then - I think he'll be weighed at his 6 week check tomorrow so I'll update how huge he is now when I know!
  • Philip weighed 10lb 8oz yesterday (5wks) he was 8lb 1oz born, after a massive gain at 2-3weeks he has only gained 5oz in the last 2weeks, the hv doesn't think it's anything to worry about but if he hasn't gained much next wed when he's weighed i'll be asking for a bit more help & support from them than i have been getting.
  • Hi ladies!
    Caed was 11lb 4oz last friday and he was 5 weeks old. He lost nearly a pound after he was born but all he seemed to want to do for the first week was sleep. Hes been piling the pounds on ever since, last week he put a pound on in a week !!! I'm breast feeding him. Hes due to be weighed again tomorrow.
  • Brendan was 7lb 4oz at birth and when he was weighed on Monday he was 8lb 4oz and he is 3 weeks old. He is having a mixture of bottle and boob so must be getting the best of both!
  • Oakley was born at 8lb11oz at 5 days he was 8lb12oz 1/2 at 10 days he was 9lb4oz and today at 18 days old he's 10lb5oz! And that's breast feeding, no wonder I'm starving the whole time!

    El x
  • tommy is 9 weeks today and yeaterday when he was weighed he was 12lb 8oz, hes very chunky x
  • Gracie's now 10lb15, and is putting on average 1oz a day on. She's 58cm too which is tall for a girl! I'm glad her weight gain is consistent as she yacks up for Britain! Hv said to try the Cow & Gate Comfort formula so I bought some today to see if that helps. Trouble is she yacks after boob aswell...can't change that tho eh?!
  • Know what you mean about the yacking up alioli! Alfie decided to projectile vomit this eve which ran all down the sofa and into a nice little puddle on the carpet! Thank goodness for wetwipes and a leather sofa!!!
  • Wow my Lily is a midget compared to all these bouncing December babes! She was 9lb 5 today at 6 weeks 4 days. She was only 6 lb 12 when she was born though so some of your little ones have had a head start! I had my post natal app at hospital today and a pregnant girl asked me how many DAYS old she is, weird to think she could have been born that size and it would be perfectly normal. There was a 12 lb baby born the same day as Lily too - can you imagine!
  • 12lb at birth - ouch! Lily does look so tiny and cute in her car seat - mind you most babies look tiny compared to Bryn - think he's going to be a rugby player! I thought he would be weighed today at our 6 week check but they didn't so I'll have to wait until monday to find out how much he is now - I've been trying to cut down on the amount of feeds he has but that isn't always possible..... my boobs really could do with a break!
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