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childcare nightmare!

Hi Just wondered what those of you that work are doing for childcare over the summer? (except you lucky ladies who are teachers of course.) Its been a nightmare covering the school holidays. More so for Noah because he's not old enough to do so many of the things. My childminder is finishing on the last week of term so the first week of holidays Noah will have a new childminder. Zach won't go to her as he is going to start going to the out of school club (its cheaper) - so thats mondays sorted. wednesdays Noah goes to MIL so again she can have zach aswell and its all sorted. thursday is my day off but tuesday and friday is his pre-school mornings so having to cover that I've had to either take the day off or my mum (bless her) has taken the day off work to have them.
I've used up all my holiday for the year now apart from 1 day which i will probably save for christmas and i already have october half term booked off. just when i'd managed to cover all the days i had a letter from the pre-school reminding us (I hadn't realised) that the pre-school break up 3 days earlier than the school! grrr! so one more friday to cover!! fortunately my MIL will have him but it stressed me right out!. really wish i could afford to stay at home. getting a bit fed up really - only work part-time but having to cover holidays and sickness and on the days Noah gets clingy and cries its really hard and we've had quite a few of those recently! Also we are really struggling for money so that doesn't even seem to make it worthwhile. applied for an extra job today though (evenings and weekends so no extra childcare to worry about!!) and they phoned and given me an interview tomorrow. really could do without an extra job but needs must!
Not quite sure what I'm going to do when MIL goes away for 2 weeks in september or when the boys have their nativities and I want to go and watch - there always seems to be something!
amyway - sorry that turned into something of a whinge - I do have plans so I won't have to worry about it next year! x


  • I'm going back just doing weekends as it's impossible to get childcare. Jay has to leave for work at 7am and I start at 7 so too early for nursery/childminder or if I did evenings I'd have to get someone to have the boys for a few hrs that we would overlap. My dad used to have rhys but jay wouldn't be able to pick them both up in the van.
    Dreading it as it means we won't have any family time together but we struggle with what we earn at the minute so leaving isn't an option. I'm also having my sister over the holidays as my mum's used her holidays up (she used her last 2 weeks when I had Alfie to help out once Jay went back to work)
  • We don't have this problem as I don't work - but then we have no money either. It's all swings and roundabouts and an absolute nightmare. It's crazy how much childcare costs and I just don't see how people are expected to work on minimum wage and pay someone else to look after the children!
    A lot of jobs have to do family friendly flex hours now- would that be possible for you? Sorry no help really just wanted to reply and I'm just sorry you're having to find even more workto cover costs etc
  • That does sound like a nightmare julie - Im a lucky one a teacher but I do still have big probs when MIL who does Fridays is away / got wedding/ appointments etc My cm who has him wed/thurs doesn't work on Fri but has sometimes stepped in.

    Becky - I can so understand how much it must annoy you thinking that when you return to work you'll have zero family time especially when you are doing everything right - working to put a roof over your heads, pay bills & feed the family, when others do nothing and live on handouts.

    Not working means less money yes but it also means you dont have those childcare issues and probs with getting to sports day / LO ill / rushing Lo to dr etc etc. If only our lottery numbers would come up!

    I often think that if we all lived in the same village it would be awesome - we could all pitch in and look after each others LO when needed.

    So sorry Ive been no help but I really do have lots of sypathy for you :\)
  • El it drives me mad. On our close me & oh are the only ones who both work and we've decided we're the mugs as we struggle so much more than everyone else, and it's not as if we stretch ourselves with luxuries either.
  • I can completely understand how you feel Ive been there - working 2 bar jobs, full time at uni and a lone parent, but I just remindered myself that what goes around comes around / yopu reap what you sow and knew I was setting a good example for my daughter!
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