Such an idiot ....

We have basically bought 1 cute little neutral outfit for this new bubs because we kept saying we'll get all the neutral stuff out from the bags of stuff we have kept from Max. So today after my latest Midwife appt since MAx was at nursery I thought I would finish off my hospital bag and get sorted.

So I got all those bags of clothes out - well we are BLOODY IDIOTS cos there is basically NO neutral stuff apart from a few vests cos EVERYONE knew he was a boy before they bought cos he arrived early - WHAT NUMPTIES!!!!! We did have some hand me down neutrals which we obv remember from pics and were thinking off but most of them were worn right out by the time we were finished with them!

But on the bright side it means I get to go and do a bit of fun shopping that I wasn't expecting! image


  • lol! Sounds like a classic case of pregnancy brain! Hope you have lots of fun shopping for a few bits and pieces xx
  • ha ha I thought I had loads and at about 38 weeks I realised that I acyually had about 3 sleepsuits lol.

    Enjoy shopping!
  • Enjoy shopping! - i had the advantage of dressing all mine for the first month in white - made it so much easier! x
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