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Noisey baby

Does anyone elses baby make lots of noise in their sleep?
Jack doesnt makw a sound when hes asleep through the day but as soon as we put him down at night he makes some rather loud grunting noises evev though hes asleep. It wakes us up and wakes himself up too.


  • Mine doesn't make lots of noise in his sleep at night, he just doesn't sleep at night! His body clock is still completely the wrong way round and he seems to take particular displeasure at being in our room. He usually finally goes off between 4 and 5 am. I feel very sorry for our neighbours and even had a dream last night that Hertfordshire police came round because they had recived complaints about us!

    El & Oakley (16 days old)
  • Bryn makes the same kinds of noises as soon as I put him in his cot at night but like Jack hes quiet during the day - no idea why - I just wish he wouldn't!
  • Philip sounds like a horse! no noise during the day, but then he doesn't sleep much during the day!! Sunday night he was snoring!
  • Katielou
    Jack will be 6 weeks old on monday.
    Are you putting your babies upstairs to bed before you all go up? We have been leaving jack in front room with us in his basket until his feed at 10pm then all goin to bed at same time not sure if this is right or not!!
  • Hunibuni - we do exactly the same with Amy, leave her downstairs with us till we're all ready to go to bed.
    Not sure if it's right or not but can't bear the thought of her being upstairs on her own just yet - she's only 4 weeks old!

    As for the noises, she makes lots of snuffles and sighs as she sleeps - day or night!
  • Kayielou Jack is on formula he has 5oz every four hours. I thought that he was getting hungry after about an hour but i think its just comfort he wants as as soon as he finds his thumb he settles. He has about 3 20 min naps during the day.
  • Cole is really noisy at times when he sleeps, snoring, grunting, name it!!! I worry when he's noisy then i panic if I can't hear him!!

    As for bedtime - Cole goes up when we go up..haven't managed to get any more organised than that!
  • Hi girls, we learnt very early on with our first baby that the noises they make in their sleep like grunting and snuffling, were making it hard for us to get any sleep of our own.

    Paige is our 3rd baby and everyone in the house sleeps better if she is in her own room and we use a monitor. If the monitor is on a low sound setting it tends to not pick up the little sounds but we always hear her when she is hungry, lol.

    I found also with Erin our first baby that i thought she was waking too often to feed, but i was picking her up as soon as she made the first sound because it was waking me straight away and it took me a long time to realise that she would put herself back to sleep shortly after just making a few grunts and groans.

    Paige is starting to sleep up to 7 hours a night (yippee) but when we were holidays we had her in a travel cot in our room and she was feeding every 3 hours thru the night because i woke up sooner.

    Shell & Paige

  • We found the noises the same with all 3 too Shell! Don't get quieter do they?!
    Hubby gives her last feed as formula while I go to bed, he brings her up later and she's quiet until she wakes, anywhere between 2-4am.
    I put her noises then down to having wind and being sick and cos IIm soft and scared, I more than likely have her on my chest if she's noisy! Last night she went thru til 4am AND stayed in her basket til 6.30! I then put her on me and she slept til 8am! No school run today, hubby doing it so a lie-in!!!
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