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Just curious - anyones lo's shown interest in any toys yet? Cole isn't interested in anything yet but the boob and the bottle, but he is alert and looks round at stuff..well except the toys we are trying to play with! Mind you..I think him sleeping in the moses basket right now for a decent daytime nap (so far) may well be down to the horrible music on the freaky cow thing my brother bought him.. i set off the music just to try and distract him while I got dressed and it seemed to have put him to sleep! I'm not sure how far he can see at this age or even when babies usually start to show interest in toys

Wondering whether to buy that winnie the pooh light projector thingy that people have mentioned so that he has something to look at when he's in his cot - if music works to put him to sleep its worth it I think.


  • Yeah i think that Cole must get bored too when I leave him sat in his chair with nothing to do while I do stuff. I tried to show Cole the mirror on his playmat and he wasn't interested!
  • Guess what I'm doing at the mo? Trying to entice Gracie with toys! She's started taking an interest in her playgym just this week but won't stay there too long before getting bored!
    We had Winnie thing 4 1st and he liked it but it drove me n hub crazy as only has 1 really slow tune!! Might have changed in 5 years tho...
    For 2nd we got a Fisher price one with a few tunes and moving light show (not projected). Both were used for a long time so def buy one! Not used ours yet, will when she's going to bed on her own, otherwise I can't sleep as I sing the tunes in my head! Sad and v annoying - can't help it!
    Cole's pic is ace-looks like he's having a right good chuckle!
  • Violet will sit in her babynest with the gym for a bit and shout, coo and gurgle at things. Hubbys sister bought Stanley the Snail from M&P for her which sings some mad songs which my other kids (13 & 8) think are hilarious and play with it and I think that makes Violet smile more! But her favourite activity is to watch me when bashing away very seriously on the laptop and then give me a fab smile, or we both lie on the floor together and discuss the light fittings as she seems bewildered by them!!! Curtains are good too! Also the chrome handle in the bath gets talked at alot! The simple things!!!

    When Holly was able to sit up I emptied a kitchen cupboard and filled it with wooden spoons a saucepan and a variety of plastic cups, boxes etc and she would play for hours taking it all out then bashing it around - it was great so am looking forward to doing that with Violet.

  • I would totally recommend the wiinie the pooh projector, sends philip to sleep fairly quickly, the one we've got has different setting, music only, music & lights, lights only and nightlight, plus it has a remote control so you don't have to go near the cot to set it off.

    Philip has started to take an interest in the toys on his link-a-doo bouncer, but so far only the mirror, and he also is obsessed with lights!

    have a curly thing but he's not really interested yet, plus it's really annoying when trying to get car seat in & out of car!

    Kia - Cole looks gorgeous!
  • Thanks Obi.. I've been playing with pics today while he slept! That is a cute new pic of philip too image

    I've been looking at the argos website at the light projectors.. think I'm gonna get one but I'll let hubby help decide which one. The starlight projector looks good but it looks a bit plastic and sinister from the website that the one you have obi?>
  • lol!! Yes that's the one we've got, it isn't that scary looking when you've got it out of the box though!

    Another recommendation for you all, not a toy but a CD, it's called Pacific Blue by Stefan Schramm, hubby bought it years ago, it's music with whale and dolphin noises mixed in, and is SO relaxing. have put it on and Philip has magically dropped off to sleep without being in my arms, he's in his rocker chair! I have to be careful though cos it also sends me to sleep!!!
  • im defo going to buy tha cd if it can help to send tommy off and to be honest if it helps me relax thas an added bonus too. we have got a few toys for the lo which im trying to 'stimulate' him with, but the 2 year old runs off with them thinking that they are his toys. our living room looks like a creche with all the baby and toddler toys.
  • Mine too rebecca! baby gym, garage, cars, building blocks, Playdoh all over the table (good job it's an old one we let them use!) etc etc. It could be mistaken for the Elc!
  • I gt one of those baby gym things from asda and cole was definately showing an interest.. just looking but he was responding which makes me happy image
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