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2yr 3 month check up


I've just had a letter through inviting Brendan for his 2 year 3 month check up next week, it says he will see the hv and the doctor for general checks and it includes an A4 sheet of words for me to go through with Bren and tick them off if he can say and understand them. Quite funny as since it is in Norwegian I am having to double check with hubby that I know what some of them mean before I see if Brendan knows what they are!! :lol: We went through a few of them with Brendan last night and did them in english and norwegian and I was amazed that he got them all right. It made me wonder whether you get a list of words in the UK at this check up and if so what words are on it so I can see if he is on a par with UK 'standards'.
Anyone know? xx


  • Ive never heard of that, what sort of words are they? Sounds like a good idea. Clever boy Bren getting them right in 2 languages! xxx
  • i got rhys app this morning for 7th may, but nothing with it x
  • Liz,

    Not had letter through yet. Supposed to be 2yr4m around here according to hv when I asked in Feb. Plan on chasing it up next month if nothing through. Ive not heard of a list of words. LOL at you having to check to see if you knew them! There is a list in their hospital book that you are supposed to go through before hand.
  • my hv said they're done btw 24-30 months here, not sure if that's the same foe everywhere.
  • There are 176 words on the list grouped into different catergories. The categories are animals (bear, dog, cat, lamb etc) and what noises they make, the body (head, eyes, ears etc), toys (ball, tractor, doll, sand etc), food (apple, cheese, ice cream etc), clothes (trousers, nappy, shoes, jacket etc), people (baby, grandma, auntie, lady, farmer etc), things and places in the surroundings (tree, flowers, tv, nursery, job, shops etc), useful words (goodbye, hello, yes, no, clap, hug, thank you, play, eat etc), words about amounts, places and people (out, up, back, all, mine, will, him etc), and describing words (big, little, cold, hot, hungry, thirsty etc).
    So quite a lot on it! Funny to see some of the more Norwegian words on there that I guess most Norwegian children would know because it is more in their everyday life. For example waffle - I'm not sure how many 2 year olds in the UK could say waffle or know what one is but over here they have them all the time! Liver pate is on the list too as all the kids eat it!! x
  • What on earth do they do if they find a child not able to say these 176 words on the list!??? Our waiting lists in speech and language therapy would be around 10 years long if that were the criteria in the UK. They must be a brainy bunch out there!
  • lol Campbelly, nope don't think they are majorly brainy! It says it is just a guide to see how they are progressing so they don't expect them to know all the words. It also says you can tick them if they say something similar that you know means that word so it is pretty general at this stage. x
  • Wow, what a long list! I didn't even know we had a check after the 2yr one! I don't think we do, just one before they go to school?? Who knows?! Not I with 2 older ones to remember from, oops!
  • Wow, how fantastic is Bren!!!!!!!! Zachariah would fail with flying colours seeing as we still only have about 5words and they're all relative names! He understands almost everything though!
  • well fin hasnt been seen since he was about 11 months old - when i had mason the hv came over when having bad time and spoke to fin - scared the life out of him and litrally took his dummy out of his mouth and said faries werew taking it and hid it on my fireplace his eyes welled up and he looked sooo scared and sobbed when she went!!! evil cow (thank god there is a nicer one i make sure i see now) anyway she did givce me a sheet and said he is 2 now he is supposed to have a check but as had handsful she gave me sheet with what supposed to do how many words etc and other random things and he basically could do and say everything and understoof everything it was only the teeth cleaning - he refusses so yes i have a child with stinky breath that will have rotton teeth in a few months - IT IS A NIGHTMARE TRIED ALL SORTS!!!!!

    anyway she never then chased me up and checked and havent heard anything since!!!!

    going through that list liz fin can say and understand it all - he says far too much for my liking HEHEHEHE!
  • Star - Philip is a nightmare with teethcleaning too, hates it! Now he as a toothbrush with which he "brushes" his teeth at the same time as me, then we go on a "bear hunt" (helps is you have the book too) finding toothpaste etc that we can't go over, can't go under have to put it on etc, then we clean the bear in his cave! sounds daft but seems to work, the "bear" even sings now when the teeth are being cleaned.

    Phlip also says way too much, little parrot - called him that the other day and he ran round shouting parrot for 10 minutes!
  • On the teeth brushing front have you tried an electric toothbrush? Bren hated having his done too but since we got him an electric one he loves it, and Jacob does too! I always make a big deal out of how shiny and clean his teeth are when he has done lol! x
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