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dream feed??

Hi all, i was reading some posts when i came across people who have tried dream feeding? Can anyone tell me what this is. I guess it means feeding your baby in the night without waking him? sounds a bit tricky!!


  • Ive tried dream feeding by just lifting Holly out her cot trying not to wake her and feed her but to be honest it never works for me she always wakes up and takes longer to go back down!! Im not sure if there is an art to it but Im sure someone will have some tips.
  • If Cole is asleep he won't open his mouth to take a bottle..and as for bf-ing...not a chance! Stubborn little bugger!
  • Glad you asked the question as I was wondering what it meant...

    I have no chance, Amy has a built in alarm clock that wakes her up every 3 hours without fail

    Pass me the matchsticks!
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