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Any ideas how to stop Rhys being so scared of the toilet? He turned round the other day when I asked him if he wanted to sit on the toilet like Mummy and he said he didn't like it, it was scarey and had scarey monsters in it. We've tried his own little seat on it but he will not go near it.

He's started being scared of lots of things at the minute too. We had trouble getting him to bed a few nights this week as he kept crying that the spider would come into his bed. I had to show him there were no spiders and tell him that his fave teddy wouldn't let any spiders come into his bed. He normally LOVES spiders andeven though I hate them I've always hidden it from him as I don't want him picking up on it.


  • no we cant get fin on toilet which is mga annoying as have to take potty everywhere - hoping it will come!!!

    also been scared of all sorts - noises being the main one even hoover he runs away and curls on courner or sofa saying scary too noisy!!! it worried me a bit cause its sooo unlike him also saying there are monsters

  • I'm wondering if it's an age thing as Rhys really plays properly now and has a great little imagination, so I'm wondering if it's part of his imaginative skills developing that's suddenly bought out being scared as it's a totally new thing to him too (althoug he has always been scared of the hoover but that's oh's fault for chasing him with it when he was little lol)
  • Zachariahhas no problem on the loo but I think it's because he sees us use it and is fascinated by the flush, has a special seat etc....
    I can't put a link because I'm on my phone but have you looked at on target max potty training balls, they're antibacterial smiley faces that bob in the toilet and is meant to help train Los to aim etc, might make the loo look more fun, I looked on eBay under 'loo balls' lol, might work
  • Sorry no ideas, but thought I would say that Elijah's going through a bit of a scared phase at the moment too. He usually loves monsters inc and mickey mouse, but has the last few days refused to watch either as he said the monsters are scary and so is the giant on mickey mouse! Before now he has never shown any sign of this at all!
    He is also so clingy to me right now, wont let me go anywhere without him x
  • w4b I was thinking of trying those with him but then I thought he might start throwing things in the toilet hmmmm lol. Will give him another few weeks and if no better will try them lol
  • Last time I was at my mums Holly managed to block the toilet up with stacking cups! The cup was the exact right size to get stuck in the u bend lol
    Becci I do think its a stage Holly was like that a few weeeks ago and seemed to be scared of everything but she is fine now. If anything we have the opposit trouble and she has to go in every toilet she can see!
  • There is that possibility but I'm sure he'd eventually understand it's only that toy for the toilet- I'd be more concerned he'd keep trying to fish it out, lol! It was just a thought fir something that's less scarey about the toilet that's all! Failing that I'm sure it will pass, most fears tend to with perserverene image
  • I hadn't thought about trting to fish it out lol. Hopefully it'll pass and if he's no better at going on by next week when Jay gets paid I'll get some of them toilet balls.

    I'd love to get rid of the potty he's so independant he wants to empty the potty himself and goes mad when we try and help[ so usually end up with wee everywhere.
  • Have you got a little step so he could get to the toilet himself? Holly has a little step and a seat that goes on the toilet and she much prefers that so she is a bit independant so that might be worth a try?
  • Max was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of the toilet and would scream blue murder and go ridgid if we tried to sit him on it. But we stopped taking a potty out with us if we were going somewhere where i KNEW there was a toilet and when he said he needed a wee I said he had to go on the toilet as there was no where else! He was still scared and would cling onto me for dear life but he would sit on and go! Now he is fine on toilets when out and about and will OCCASIONALLY choose to go on the toilet at home although he still would rather go on the potty. But at the mo I am happy with that as with the new arrival about to be here I want him to be close if he's weeing not trying to take him to the loo! He also wants to empty his potty himself - darn independent children!!! :lol:

    So I guess we were harsh but it worked!
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