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Needed to prepare!

I wasn't ready for this and I am sure some of yours have done it younger but I am still upset about it as I see it as a big step and my little boy is just that and not a baby anymore :cry:

I bought new sleepsuits form ASDA today as max's were too small but when we got him ready for bed these new ones were MASSIVE - I then remembered that for his birthdya he had been given proper pyjamas and I have always refused to put them on him as I wanted to keep him in sleepsuits as they are 'baby' things! So they were 9-12 months but we tried them on him (he is 19months) and they fit perfectly and he LOVES them and was running about in them dead pleased with himself for being such a big boy but I was really upset - another sign of him growing up and I wasn't ready for it :cry: Hubbie totally doesn't see it as a problem either!

Tell me I am not weird for being a bit sad about it ?????!!!!


  • oh yes i know what you mean. you are not alone. but they do look quite cute in their little pyjamas. how cute that he s been runnning around in them all please with himself!
  • it was cute that he was so pleased with them and flukey that they had robots on which he calls 'bobots' (can't say it properly) so he was yelling that too as he ran around :lol:
  • Arrrr i no what you mean about them not being babies anymore i still thinkof him as my little baby haha.....Floyd has been wearing pajamas for a few months now and he loves them as he doesnt have to lay down to get dressed now....

  • i do agree with you and i put it off for ages but got fin some for his 1st bday and they were snuggle fit ones form next so looked just like sleepsuits without feet to be fare - he looked soooooo cute in them so then i went on and got him a few sets and now he is wearing the shorts and t-shirt ones and he does look cute!!!!

  • Oakley has be in PJ's since Easter time. Although have put him in short body suits a few times. He is just such a big boy he hasn't looked like a baby for a long time. With my DD she was in sleep suits til 3years old!
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