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chesty cough

Hiya, just wondering if anyone has had the same problems as me. My baby caugh a cold about 7 weeks ago now. He was rushed in to hospital by ambulance as he stopped breathing during a coughing fit. It was only for a few seconds but he went blue so I panicked. He wasn't admitted and was given the all clear (easy for them to say). Since hen he has had a persistant cough that wouldn't shift especially at night (I sit him up). I went to te doctors who said "he's teething!!!" (whatever). Anyway, the respiratory nurse came to see him as I still wasn't happy. She said he didn't have a chest infection but he did have a lot of muck on both sides of his chest. She prescribed a atrovent inhaler to use before he went to bed. I used it and it definatly helped him. I stopped using it after 2 weeks but is cough is still there!! The nurse is coming again on monday to re assess him but im now worried it may be asthma due to an allergy or something. My house is always aired and at the right temp and we don't smoke or have any pets. Is anybody else in the same situation as me???


  • Oh dear your poor lo!

    Can't suggest anything I'm afraid, but if you are concerned about asthma can you ask to be referred to an asthma specialist? I know our surgery has a speicific asthma nurse
  • I spoke to the nurse on the phone today and she said the medication clears up mucas on his chest. She said she couldn't rule out asthma but she thinks that the atrovent just helps as babies can't cough up rubish like we do. I think she's right but I still worry. He is a lot better than he was so im a bit happier, I even tried him with baby rice today as I had to put off till he was a bit better. He loves it!! xx
  • how horrible for you. I'm glad he's getting better. My older son gets persisitant coughs and has a rattle on his throat. he also suffers from breathing problems. They don't like to diagnose asthma too early as babies can grow out of breathing difficulties and hopefully for you it is a bad infection that has caused such bad problems. It seems a shame that he hadn't shifted this infection for so long and they didn't seem more concerned. My son suffers so badly when he gets an infection they try and prevent it getting on to his chest as quickly as possible and put him straight on steriods or antibiotics. We were in hospital last week but luckily he was fine within a few hours.
    is his cough gone and breathing back to normal now?
    hope all well, would of freaked me out if he'd ever stopped breathing.
    take care, julesy
  • He,s alot better today. i read that babies who are just on milk have trouble shifting coughs because of the milk. I started him on solids yesterday and he was ok last night and woke up this morning full of beans!!!He had some baby rice this morning and his milk and he hasn't coughed once!!! Touch wood this may be the end of this nightmare and I can relax a little. Thanks for the advice ladies, this site is a credit as you can all relate to one anothers problems!! xx
  • Glad he's doing better.
  • I second that Kia!
  • g"day

    my son is three months old and has a wezy chest I talked to the peadatrician about this and was told that he has a slight cold and not much can be done about it. i remembered back to my childhood and my mom would use vicks vapour rub on me in such a situation however i also remember how much it burns. So what i"ve been doing is rubbing a small quantity on my hands and then wiping them on his singlet as i change him before bed time. It has helped him breath easier during the night but hasn"t lifted his cough. If you were to try this i would stress be very careful that your child gets none of this stuff on there hands. my basic proceedure is 1) get a small quantity of vicks rub on hands and wipe on singlet then wash hands 2) change my son into bedtime cloths (remember to put the vicks on the out side of the singlet to avoide contact with skin ) 3 feed and putdown for the night I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH ABOUT THIS BUT MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD GETS NONE OF THIS ON THERE HANDS

    We will be seeing the peadatrician again in a couple of days i will keep you posted on what she says Hope this helps One word of advice find a decent doctor and stick to them don"t mess around with a bunch of wannabes
  • Hi thats awful, sorry to hear that you must hav been so worried!! My son who is 4 months has had a chesty cough for over eight weeks now, I have been back to the doctor three times with him. Each time I am told that he has bronchiolitis, it it a viral infection that is very common in babies apparently. The doctor says to keep him upright especially at night time - easier said than done!! He has lots of secretions on his chest however they are not concerned about this. I have read up about this condition but am still concerned in case it is anything else. I feel it should have started to improve by now!! Hope this helps x
  • Hi. My son is 3 years old. He has had a persistent cough for about 2 years ususally just in the morning. The doctor has now put him on the inhaler. We have dogs but they are outdoors. My familt thinks he is allergic to the dogs but the only symptom he has is the coughing in the morning. Help.

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