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how to get boy to wee standing up??

any ideas????

also think i need a bigger step he cannot get up on toilet from step... can anyone eleses????


  • I wouldn't attempt to get him to wee standing up at the toilet yet, it takes too much coordination for such a little boy. But if we are out and about and Bren needs a wee then my hubby often gets him to wee against the wheel of the car standing up. We just put his trousers down and lean him forward, but we have to hold his winky for him! x
  • oh bless - when i have had him wee when out i held him up like a girl (lol) and he weed hubby tried in garden to get him to wee standing up but he wouldnt go!
  • As Alfie wanted to copy Charlie ie standing up, when he toilet trained, we would old the potty up to his widge for him to wee into and it worked, he did it! You can also get little steps from places such like Wilkinsons etc. Alfie very quickly stood up to the loo as he's tall.
    The first time Gracie weed on the potty at home she hovered! I think it's cos she'd seen me hovering in a public loo and thought that was what you do lol.
    HTH x
  • lol! Star - try and get Fin to wee against the car wheel, I bet he will love the idea! Bren think it is hilarious!!! x
  • Liz everytime we're in the car at the minute rhys needs to wee on the car. His words are stop the car mummy rhysy needs to wee wee on car ha ha.
    He's also started hovering over the potty but not attempting to stand him up to wee properly yet.
  • Lol, just remembered that Alfie peed in the garden once early on when toilet training and thought it was that's why he stood at the loo so well!
  • Philip stands on his stool, drops his trousers and pants, lifts the seat and holds the seat against the cistern leaning over the toilet and shoots, although we do have to "whop his winky out" for him as he forgets! He's got a special pingpong ball type thing in the toilet with a smiley face on that he aims for shouting "I wee'd on maxi" when he hits it. Only time he'll do sit down wee's now is during the night or when we are in public loos.
  • Elijah is tall so hubby has taught him to wee standing up, doesnt have a step or anything. He just lifts one leg up and little and manuvers his willy over the edge, lol x
  • oh my god fin has little legs even with step he could reach- that or we have a high up toilet!!!hehehe!

    hubby got him weeing in garden standing up other day so know he can if needed - but think it will be nightmare at o if started with toilet wee woild be everywhere!!!!

  • tescos sell them wee wee ball things!
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