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Big school

I rang our local primary to put Rhys's name down for the nursery next September, but because they aren't full they've said he can start after Xmas. My babies too young to go to big school ha ha.


  • awwww bless. Max will just stay at the nursery he is at until he starts reception year so I am glad in a way we don't need to do a BIG school move for a while!
  • They are growing up soooo fast!!!
    Bren will be staying at his nursery until he starts school which is age 6 over here so I have a while yet where I can pretend he is still a baby lol! xx
  • Rhys is so excited. He keeps walking round with his bookstart bookbag saying got my school bag and when we go out he runs t get it shouting need my school bag ha ha.
  • Bless him! Holly is starting nursery when we get back from our trip to Scotland she she can't wait!
  • Aww how cute. Zachariah was supposed to be in nursery now and start preschool in January but we've just moved and so the catchment area has changed and I've got to go through the whole list again! Grrr!
  • Ahh that's lucky Im sure he'll benefit hugely from it all. Oaks it at pre-school for a year then Nursery next Sept (which is done through County on-line application) and then School like the rest in the UK in Sept 2012.

    It goes so quickly esp when I think by the time DD1 started Nursery school I'd spent her first 3 yrs doing my BA Hons (haven't achieved anything of the sorts with this one and certainly didnt have the braij power to have been able to!)
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