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Teeth brushing?????

This is probably going to sound awful but how strict are you all with teeth brushing?
I'm having a nightmare time trying to get him to brush his teeth- he doesn't appear to have the skills to do it himself and when I try his mouth is clamped shut.
We tend to only do it at night and it's more him sucking the brush fir a while with me having a quick try between sucks.......
Are all your Los good with brushing their teeth and how do you get around it? I'd hate to think I'm doing him harm by not pushing it enough, I know they're baby teeth but all the sane I don't want a black tooth smile for him!
Aaaaarrrggh toddlers!


  • Bren used to be hard work to get him to clean his teeth but then we got him an electric toothbrush and he is generally really good now. I do them when he is in the bath and ask him to make his mouth really wide so I can make his teeth shiny. On the odd occassion he does refuse I just say 'oh what a shame, you can't have any more sweeties then as you have to brush your teeth if you want to eat sweeties' and he promptly opens his mouth lol!

    I took him to see the dentist for a check up and they said his teeth were in good condition and that as long as they were given a good brush once a day they should be fine.

    Have you tried brushing your teeth infront of him and making a big deal out of how fun it is?

    Good luck! x
  • He watches me doing practically 'everything' lol, I'm lucky if I get to breathe without his inquisitiveness lol! He's happy to watch and have a go, the problem is HE wants to do it himself lol. Actually an electric toothbrush may well be the answer but I'm a little worried, has Bren ever caught his toungue? I know I've managed that before (no idea how) - I don't mean stuck, just sort of scratched it, and I wouldn't want him doing that!!! does he hold it or do you do it
  • Elijah was a hassle with this for a while. I started by giving the brush at bathtime for him to play with and tried not to make too much of a fuss.
    Now he really likes standing at the tap doing it with me and dipping the brush in the water. But he just seemed to enjoy it overnight, sorry not helpful at all! How about letting him choose a 'specil' toothpaster & brush with his favourite characters on? Another idea-reverse psychology: "Mummy loves this brush, im going to use it for my teeth, look daddy..." etc (lol) mite work? xx
  • Rhys has always been good letting me do them but now he wants to do them himself so although I get a quick go they don't get a proper brush off me. I mentioned it to the dentist and he said that as long as they getting brushed somehow it's not to bad and the most important thing to keep their teeth healthy at this age is to limit sugars.
  • Gracie does hers herself...copying the boys and me in the morning, but won't do them for long. Sometimes she lets me do them too, so I make sure I give them as good a do as I can before she runs off! Dentist 2 weeks today...oh joys, all 3 there on my own...wooooo!!!
  • Sometimes he does them himself sometimes we do it, we like to give them a really good going over every other day or so just to make sure they are all cleaned. He hasn't ever hurt himself with the brush, I'm not totally sure what you mean?! =) The brush head he has is a kiddy one that has the disney cars on it which probably helps too!!

    Ali - you poor thing!! Hope they all behave for you, sounds like you will need lots of bribery that day! x
  • We bribe Holly lol If she brushes her teeth then lets us do them properly afterwards she gets a sticker for her reward chart and so far its worked a treat.
    Ali I deffo dont envy you taking 3 kids to the dentist! Good luck xxx
  • Dentist - now that's pooey, I actually had to cancel our last joint appt as he was absolutely hysterical the moment we walked through the door, at least the receptionist knew it wasn't a lame excuse though as she got to hear the screams first hand!!!!!! Next appt in A couple of months and am hoping he'll have calmed down a bit by then as it was all the hosp
    visits freaking him out!

    Reward charts sound fab but I really don't know if zachariah would get it! He seems so much younger than all the others- I might try though image
  • w4b my dentist laughed the other week as I my mum was going and we were with her, rhys had a big paddy as I told him he had to stay downstairs. Dentist was laughing how it's usually the other way round and they cry cause they don't want to go to the dentist lol
  • Bryn usually starts cleaning his teeth (he's actually better than Fee at times) but Dave finishes them for him. He doesn't like chocolate much and he wont drink juice or squash so his sugar intake is quite low compared to some so fingers crossed his teeth will be ok.

    I was terrible at going to the dentist - infact I still am - fortunately at least 2 of my children are fine with him.... time will tell as far as Bryn goes, though the dentist might want to wear protective gloves when we take him next month!!!

    Good luck Ali - 2 at a time is my limit!! x

  • Oakley is usually fine but recently has been a bit more reluctant to let me do them. We take it in turns and see if we can brush them as fast as daddy! He does them twice a day, first thing then just before bed.
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