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Really sad story


Just wanted to share a word of warning after something that happened over here a week or so ago. At a nursery not far from where my hubby works a little girl was riding around outside on her bike with her cycle helmet on, the nursery assistants knew she was cycling round the playground and were happy she was safe. On her way round she got off her bike and decided to climb a small tree, but she slipped and the back of her cycle helmet got caught on one of the branches. The nursery assistants immediatly saw what had happened and ran to help her as by that stage she was hanging in the tree by her cycle helmet. The performed CPR on her but when the ambulance arrived they said it was too late, the cycle helmet had broken her neck and had killed her instantly. :cry:
I know, like me, that story has probably sent shivers down your spine. I can't begin to imagine how her parents are coping, I didn't even know the girl but nearly burst into tears when my hubby told me. Nobody was at fault, it was just one of those tragic accidents but it really made me think. I'm not sure I would have thought twice about Brendan climbing a tree with a cycle helmet on (not that he is at that stage yet) but I certainly won't ever let him when he is old enough to be wearing one and riding bikes.

Give your los a big hug ladies, we really are so lucky to have them xxxx


  • God what a terrible tragedy, its unthinkable image Will be watching Callum now & Elijah as he gets older. So sad xx
  • Very sad... Like you I wouldn't have thought twice about making sure they took their helmets off as soon as they got off the bike. Those poor parents. Thank you for the warning Liz x
  • That is awful, I also wouldn't have thought twice about it, more likely would think about the helmet protecting his head if he did fall. Will make sure he takes hie helmet off when the time comes.

    Thoughts are with the poor family
  • OMG, shivers and tears in the eyes....that's so awful. I will def make sure the boys know not to climb trees with their helmet on...when we go caravanning, they get up to allsorts whilst out on their bikes, so who knows. Thanks for the advice Liz, such a shame it's cost a life.
  • so so sad.and yes we are very lucky ladies that our little ones are safe and sound. theres so much out there that could hurt them.
  • That's so awful. Like the others it just wouldn't have even crossed my mind to take a helmet off.
  • What a horrible tradgedy, unfortunately there are just so many needless accidents like heart goes out to the family.
    Is it just me being funny or does anyone else think that regardless of the nursery worker 'knowing where she was' someone should have been outside actively watching? I'd hate to think zachariah was left to his own devices as we all know it only takes seconds for things to go wrong?
  • The nursery workers were outside W4B, all the children were outside playing so the nursery workers were out watching/ playing them all. I just don't think they thought there was anything wrong with her climbing a small tree with her helmet on and of course it only takes a second for her to fall and as it broke her neck that was that. Children don't go to school until they are 6 years old here and I think she was 5 so older then you may be thinking. xx
  • Oh right sorry, I'd read it like she'd been left to her own devices, sorry. I know by the sounds of it, it was too quick to have warning, I'd just thought it odd noone was there- my bad!!!!
    Still a tradgedy and still I'm just so sorry for the family and of course those that saw it must have been pretty shaken up too!
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