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I was just wondering how you are getting on? I hope that is you well and truely on the mend now and you can start enjoying you little boy. xxx


  • not seen u online for a while tracey..
    hope your wound is healing finally and that you are all well.
  • hi thanks for asking after me wel i have thrush in my wound so got canastan cream for it also on iron tablets as bleed down below for 7weeks i also have bit of pnd not on tablets for it trying to get over it myself so hv and doc keeping eye on me. david is fine although he cries lots during day and wants picked up every min which i cant possible do with having michael also so that getting me down we got out with pram twice this week walked with pram for 4hrs wed and 3 1/2hr yest so fresh air helped a bit. this could be my last day on comp for while as wont have phone line for few months and trying to concentrate on getting myself better physically and emotionally and with 2 kids i cant get on computer much.

    so hopefully be back on line in few months once better so speak to you all again as soon as i can xxx
  • Awww Wingy!!! I will miss you! Sorry you've had a hard time lately. Promise you'll come back in March to find out how I'm doing? I can't wait!!! Still seems a long way away (32 weeks just now).

    Take care of yourself and your 2 LOs!!!! Big Hugs!!!
  • hey wingy.. take care and hope to hear from you soon
  • thnks nicola iv just sent you a email hope you get it xxx

    thanks kia xxx
  • Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and hope you continue to go from strengh to strengh. I hope you feel like yourself in no time. Look forward to hearing how your getting on.
    Amy and Holly xxx
  • Hi Tracey

    Really hope everything starts to get easier for you now. Take care of yourself and look forward to hearing from you once you are back online.

    Cally and Violet xxx
  • Hi Tracey, i hope this gets you before you go.

    Best of luck and i hope you're feeling on top of the world soon. Please remember that a happy baby is no good without a happy mummy, so take care of yourself first.

    Shell & Paige xxx
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