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What size clothes are all the babys into now? Holly seems to be at a really funny stage her 6-9 are mostly too small for her but the 9-12 are HUGE on her, she has a wee cardi on from next today and it drowns her but the 6-9 is wayyy to small. Does anyone else find this? Or is it my tumble drier shrinking clothes xxx


  • Bren is still tiny bless him! He is still in 3-6 months stuff although some of it is a bit on the small side now so I am mixing the 6-9 months in with it. The 6-9 month trousers are too long for him though as he is only 67cm long and the 6-9 month stuff is 74cm. At this rate his little 3 month old cousin will be catching him up as he is really long for his age!
  • Oh bless - how diddy! noah is in 6 month plus clothes and some of the 9 month stuff is ok on him. He doesn't seem to have many clothes at the mo. Zach's hand me downs for this age must still be in boxes and after the initial influx of baby clothes gifts to the point of some of it barely been worn we haven't really got anything new for him recently!
    I had Noah weighed yesterday and he's 17lb 7 so i thought he seemed fairly light compared to a lot of his contemparies. He was born on the 3rd and weighed a good 7lb13.
    He is quite skinny but tall too, hence why some of the bigger clothes fit him.
  • He's a similar weight to Bren then as Bren was 17lb6oz when he was last weighed a couple of weeks ago at about 7 and a half months. I think it is just his height that keeps him in the smaller clothes!

    They do the clothes by height over here rather than months so for example 3-6 months stuff is 68cm and then 6-9 months is 74cm. I assume the sizes compare with the stuff in the UK?

    I am really lucky as a lady that works with my hubby has a baby nearly exactly a year older than Brendan and as she is 41 is not planning anymore (this one was a big but happy surprise!). So she is just passing all his clothes over to me for Bren which is fantastic. She has also given us things like a baby bath, baby walker, some toys, sleeping bags, saved me an absolute fortune!!
    I have a huge suitcase full of clothes up to a year old for Bren so every now and then I get it down and put the stuff in he has grown out of and get the next stuff out. I have only bought the odd bits of stuff and that was mainly just things I have seen on sale.

    Hmmm...sorry for all that waffle!! :lol:
  • Rhys is in 6-9 mnth but some stuff are really big spesh pants. we've been lucky with hand me doewns too lol as my cousin has a lo 5 months older (though a very big baby lol) so have hardly had to buy stuff just the odd bits like vest n sleepsuits etcl. Also got loads sleeping bags n stuff. He's kitted out for nxt summer already lol.
  • We're in exactly the same position, 6-9 months getting too small but 9-12 months too big. One of my jobs on my 'to do' list is to go through all his old clothes and sort them. I just have a huge box at the floor of the wardrobe and wahtever is too small just gets thrown in there, including lots of things that never got worn because people bought 3-6 month stuff when he was born so when he was that age it was all out of season!
  • Same here 6-9 too small 9-12 too big! I differes with things from different shops too. I have some sleepsuits from Tesco 9-12 which are a bit big but the ones from Asda are huge xxx
  • 6-9 months clothes are too small for him now but the 9-12 month ones seem to be fine.... he is quite a big lad though - his 9-12 month sleepsuits from tesco are starting to look a bit tight length-wise as he seems to have a very long body. Bought some 9-12 month dungarees from M&Co a couple of weeks ago and they are too small - stupid sizing - he isn't that big! :roll:
  • Some of M&cos clothes are lovely but totally agree the sizes are sooo wrong they are tiny! Ive always found tesco to be on the smaller side as well. I really like dunnes clothes as well, they seem to wash really well but next is my fav!
  • I'm the same in that I find it depends where the clothes are from. I'm also having problems getting jeans/trousers for Maddy. She is long and slender so 6-9 month ones fit her waist but are half way up her calves and the 9-12 fit her in the leg but are too loose round the waist.
  • I got Holly some jeans from tesco with an expandable waist, they reminded me of my maternity jeans lol Deffo helps them stay up though xxx
  • ok, obviously poor henry is a rather large lump - he's in 12-18 month stuff now and has been for a month or so!! His swimming trunks are 18-24 months though. Some 9-12 months fit him - the t-shirts, but vests, rompers and trousers are all too small. Mainly as he is so long.

    I find that it is the waists as well that are too small!! They seem to really dig into him!

    Next I find come up quite big.

    We also have a plastic box under his bed full of clothes up to age 3 but I'm not as organised as Liz and I panic that we haven't got enough for him - go buy a load then remember my box and have twice as much as we need!!!


  • Oh Henry sounds like my cousins lo. He's just turned 1 and is now in age 3 clothes!!!! he's massive lol
  • Oh Henry sounds like my cousins lo. He's just turned 1 and is now in age 3 clothes!!!! he's massive lol
  • fins the same - still wearing 6-9 but just bought some 9-12 tshirts and although big he looks more comfy in them, trousers etc he's still 6-9!

    friend sorted me a bag out so he's been wearing the tshirts and jeans - also the romper suits seem to be better than sleepsuits so dont restrict his feet!

  • OMG i must have a giant child!!!!!

    archie is in 12-18months but most getting small now so have started with the 18-24 months, last time i got him weighed he was 23lb 8oz at 34 weeks.

    he's tall so HV and me arent worried.

    any more ig babas?
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