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my lo smiled for the fisrt time yesterday! she has done little smiles before but i think that was wind! i knew it was a smile this time cause her eyes lit up as well. it was lovely. has your little one smiled yet?


  • shes 5 weeks. i havent managed to get a photo of her smiling yet. what about your little girl how old was she when she first smiled?
  • so cute! its so nice to know there happy!
  • Cole smiled for me last wednesday a few times - managed to get a very blurry shot of it, and then he smiled for his dad on his day off on Thursday. Little bugger usually looks away when I try and take photos though!
  • Bryn has been giving me loads of lovely smiles - managed to get a few pics which is just as well as he hasn't smiled at his daddy yet! oh is feeling left out - especially as both los seem to be clingy to me at the mo.
  • have added my pic of ryan smiling to show u all! he is a great smiler and started about 3 and 1/2 weeks, he really lights up and giggles! i love it!
  • Gracie smiled properly for her 1st time whilst her daddy was singing 'Finley the fire engine' - it must've amused her like his singing amuses me! That was when she was 4 1/2 wk and she loves smiling and has started chuckling now! Hard to catch on camera tho as the flash puts her off, getting a serious baby instead!
  • i admit i do hover around ryan with the camera to get the smiley pics!
  • I'm cracking up! Read hover as 'hoover' and wondered how the hell you hoovered and took photos at same time! Derrrrrrr!!!!!!
  • yeh i can multi task like mad!
  • Alfie smiled for the 1st time on Friday when he was 5 wks. It is sooo lovely to see. He looks so serious and quizical most of the time!
    Unfortunately his smile was due to the fact that his daddy was singing (screeching!) a liverpool song-great, into footie already! (and not my team!)
    Managed to catch it on my phone so will transfer the photos onto the computer.
    hollylizzy-Ryans smile is absolutely gorgeous! Looks a very happy baby
  • Philip has been smiling for about a week, so 5 wks, but the first time he did it i laughed as he looked so cute and think i scared him!! He is starting to do it on command of cheeky boy, he started chuckling yesterday and has been doing it all evening. Haven't quite caught it on camera yet, he looks demonic in most of the pictures, that or he is cross eyed!
  • thanks suzlong! lol obi! i think i annoy ryan cos i get in his face with camera and spend ages trying to make him smile long enough for camera to snap it!
  • My lo smiled for the first time at 12 days (he was 2 weeks late so I think he'll do everything early - he could hold up his head straight away) but all his smiles were reserved for Daddy and Big Sis (I'm just the feeding machine!) Nanny even got a smile before I did! But finally yesterday I got my first proper smile! It's just magic.

    El x
  • I think Marcus is starting to smile too when I pick him up he when he is ready for food he seems to smile as if he knows whats coming! Must be like his dad and smile and loves his food.
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