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change in behavior - for the worst!...

fin has always been generally good - always had his moments but really quite good! this did change when must have hit the terrible twos... but recently got even worse!

its not just being naughty - on purpose hitting, being rude/cheeky, shouting, kicking off at dinner bad tho, screaming like he is soooo angry, when out would never move from side now testing boundaries and started messing around, when friends/fam are over tells them to go home, or when out says go home now - so embarrassing!

its hard to explain but he seems sooooo andry when kicks off...

childminder says perfect at hers but as of tomorrow mason will be going so thats where i think some of the problem is coming from may not be good!

it has seemed to of got worse since mason started crawling....he is annoyed with him as he ruins his games, toys etc... but if mason isnt around even for bit he really wants him back!!!



  • Brendan has been a bit like this since hitting 2 and a half, the terrible twos really seems to have kicked in! With him it is usually silly things that set him off - like he wanted to shut the door but I had already done it, and are generally around things that he wants independance with. I very rarely go to the shops with him now as he won't sit in a trolley and although can often be as good as gold the times he does have a paddy it is just awful.
    I do my best to stay calm with him and ask what is wrong and if he won't calm down I try and ignore it (especially if we are at home) and I find if I give him no attention for it he quickly stops.

    As for bad behaviour (kicking/ hitting etc) then I ask him to stop it and say sorry (usually to Jacob!) and if he doesn't I put him in his room for 2 minutes, when I go and get him he has to say sorry and give me a hug or he stays in anotehr 2 minutes. It does seem to be helping with his behaviour.

    Jacob is at nursery with Brendan now and they are fine, although there are two groups there and Jacob is with the younger ones and Brendan is with the older ones so they only see each other in the playground.

  • thats made me feel better - cause sounds the same kicks off over silliest of things!

    i have been giving warning then next time on naughty spot and like you has to say sorry and cuddle etc... usually mason!!!

  • Philip had screaming heebie jeebies in tesco this afternoon as i wanted a trolley and he wanted a basket - major kick off ensued! he also freaks if i do something that he wanted to do like open a door, flush the toilet, screams and shouts lots! Distraction seems to work, i'll ask him to do a little job for me. If we are at home he gets one warning to calm down and if he carries on yelling he sits on the stairs for 2 minutes, If he hasn't managed to calm himself enough to talk to me rather than shout i ask him to close his eyes, take 3 deep breaths, rub his hands together then stroke his legs, may seem bizarre but it works! I was taught the technique to use with a child i used to work with aged 8 who had developmental delay and was around age 3 emotionally. Also works on adults, quite often see collegagues doing it!

    Lets just hope they grow out of the temper tantrums fairly quickly!!
  • Wow Pootle, I may have to use that technique!! May be good for me too when I need to stay calm and the boys are driving me mental lol! x
  • That technique does sound fab pootle, will have to try on myself! image lol
    Elijah can be an angel but when he kicks off, he really shouts, get sooo cross & even starts to hit himself image makes me sad. Usually he will be too roguh and i'll ask him to be gentle and he will just get the hump and start shouting or ghurt me more. Then i have to give warning and put on the mat for 2 mins, which is starting to work.
    I thinks its so hard for them to express how they are feeling, like Elijah has such good language people often forget he's only 2 and cant express his emotions clearly!
    We are having trouble with the 2 boys, Elijah getting upset over things but i think thats another post. Good luck, youre not alone! xx
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