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light and music toys-which one?

Alfie already has a playmat with some hanging animals, where one of them plays music. He loves it but the downside is that the music only lasts for about a min and then you have to press it again (and again and again...!)

Anyone have a gym that has lights, hanging thingys and music (that doesnt have to keep being pressed!) that they can recommend? There are so many to chose from :\?

Any ideas much appreciated


  • my little one loves the fisherprice rainforest one that you attacth to the cot. it has diffrent settings the longest it plays for is about 12mins i think. it has lights and music. i got it form toys r us for about 20pounds.
  • We have one from mothercare which plays 3 classical tunes about 1 min a press but it is also activated when lo kicks down on the pad, which also has 4 lights. Has usual hanging toys, a sep mirror and stuff on mat too. Was ??40 and she's just started liking it this past week. When my Alfie was weeny, we got a kick thing he laid under which converts to a little desk type thing, has music n lights and he loved it. Got from Argos 2 years ago, not sure what make?! Gonna dig it out for Gracie!
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