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Not comparing but ............. :D

I was just wondering if Zachariah was alone in

can't count
recognise colours
undress or dress himself (unless pulling trousers or cardi type top off)
can't drink out of a cup without throwing the contents down his front
can't jump
can't really throw or catch

I'm not concerned and know some may or may not be to do with vision and speech delay but I'm just intrigued as so many toddlers I've come across see to be doing all old this now

Hope everyone good an enjoying the sun


  • Hi hun.
    Although Elijah knows his colours & number, he still cant jump. Hes getting close, but not quite! Which I thought was a bit late. He would still drop drink down him with normal cup. He cant catch either, but can throw. Dont think its anything to worry about, would just practice colours/counting which im sure you do anyway, theres no way to really hurry them up with it all xx
  • Rhys knows names of colours, but doesn't put them with the colour. Everything is pink ha ha. He can count to 5 but can't dress hmself. He can undress but it takes awhile and finds tops much harder. He trys to dress himself but usually puts a tshirt on his legs or something ha ha. He does drink out of a proper cup now, but does still spill sometimes when he's not concentrating. He does a funnysort of hopping/skipping/jump all rolled into 1. He can't catch either but he can throw (ashamed to admit but prob better than me ha ha)
  • Hi,

    Hard to compare with Bren as he is a bit delayed with some things because of having the confusion of English and Norwegian but ...
    -he can count to 3 in english and understands there are more but makes them up after that or just keeps saying 3 lol!
    -he kind of knows colours, but like Rhys knows the names but doesn't usually put the name to the right colour!
    - can undress himself, but we usually give him a bit of a hand. Can get his pants and trousers on although it takes a bit of time. If we get his head in a top he can put his arms in by himself. He can put shoes on like his crocs and wellies but nothing more complicated.
    -he can drink out of a normal cup, and does at nursery, I sometimes give him a normal cup at meal times but with Jacob around grabbing at everything it is usually safer to give Bren a sippy cup.
    -He can jump pretty well, and does a very good frog hopping impression lol!
    -He can throw, not always in the direction he wants it to go, but he can't catch.

    Generally he is getting very stubborn about wanting to do things himself and will have a big tantrum if we don't let him have a go which is annoying as things can take forever!!

    I think there can be big variations at this age so I wouldn't worry too much xx
  • hmmmm ok on these things:
    -counting - it depends whether you mean counting objects or just saying the numbers? Counting objects he can get to about 5 and saying the numbers he can get to 15 before he gets a bit confused - this is all from nursery!
    -colours he knows them all - this book helped it's fab and he LOVES looking at it:
    - dressing/undressing - don't really know cos I never give him the chance (bad mummy) he can take pants and trousers off and step out, if his head's in a top he'll give it a good go getting his arms in he cna get zip up jackets etc off umm dunno what else. he can get off his velcro off summer shoes and he can get his flip flops on and off.
    - drinking - he has a normal cup at nursery and manages fine with it but we are too wary at home as he likes to have his drink with him all the time and it'd be too messy running round with a cup so he has a sippy one still!
    - jumping - nope can't do it!
    - throwing - off a fashion but generally just up or over his head no idea hwere it's going!!! Catching not a chance!

    - he also knows and recognises the letters M-for Max and Mummy, d- for daddy, e for edward W for william and will find them on a page ina book for instance - but again this is stuff they work on in nursery!

  • COUNTING - he can say his numbers to 10 maybe 11/12/13 But is not accurate at counting. He is just understanding the final number is the number of items you have which is quite a big step eg. We could count the animals and then I'd say 'How many animals are there?' And he'd answer (before he would answer 1,2,3,4 to this question every time)

    COLOURS - He does know most of his colours but gets blue/red in a terrible muddle

    DRESSING - Finds it v hard to pull up his pants (but he is a big boy with lots of rolls of fat for them to get stuck on!!!) But we haven't tried him with anything else

    CUP - Never tried him with a normal one but im guessing it wouldn't be good!

    JUMP - Yes on the spot but can't jump into a hoop/over a line etc

    THROW -Yes

    CATCH - No
  • Oh right so not too behind then.
    That's great nursery teaches that stuff maxi- the nursery I tried zachariah at was quite literally a room full of toys and watchful eyes!
    Thanks for the book idea I'll have a good look at that....
    And yup we can do crocs too lol! They're just fab aren't they for when he's wanting to run into the garden or follow us to the car for something etc image
  • It's good to hear how they're all getting along, and all at different stages, rightly so. I wouldn't worry w4b, Alfie didn't speak more than a handful of words at 2.5yr yet he's more than caught up in the last 2yrs!
    Gracie can count ish, but repeats numbers eg 1,2,3,4,8,4,8,4,8! She knows most colours, her fave being PINK! She tries to dress herself, but that's only cos she's such a stubborn little madam! She can drink from a cup, but I also give sports bottles for sake of saving clothes getting wet. As for all things physical, she takes after her dad, not me! We've joked a few times about her being in the Olympics but boy can that girl move!

    Have you seen the books which have '10 little...' caterpllars/tadpoles etc that take one away each time then end up with a pop-up page of butterflies or frogs? I can't get one now as they're in G's room and we've just made it super dark in there! They're ace for counting up to ten.
  • So glad you posted this w4b!! I was getting really worried about Henry's colours as he has a really close friend a few months older who knows all colours and has done for a long time. He is really developed in every way but he does have an 8 year old brother which I think may be a help!!?

    Henry can count to 10, not objects but sometimes they don't come out in the right order and 3 always gets overlooked!

    Colours - he knows the names but everything he likes is 'green colour!', He always gets red, blue and yellow in a muddle but once I've pointed out the colour he can get it right a few times - he gets really mad with me though when I try to teach him, or even mention it so I've backed off a little now!

    I think as he doesn't go to nursery at all I'm worried he's more behind so focus on it a bit too much as I know I'm the one responsible if he struggles at school!

    He can take bottom half clothes off but refuses to put them on, another frustrated thing I think!

    That reminds me, can any of the los pedal a bike yet? We bought him a proper bike but he can't do it at all so we bought him one of those 10" look a like ones which are really trikes but look like bikes and he can't pedal that- he can't pedal his smart trike either. Everytime I mention the bike he says 'no' and refuses to even try to pedal - anyone have any tips on how I can show him as I'm pretty sure he's big enough to do it! Yet another of those frustrated moments though! I think if he can't get something straight away he gives up as he's soooooo impatient!

    He's had a cup without a lid for about a year now and never spills it, he's had no bottle for 18 months so think that followed naturally.

    He can jump really well but only in the last few months as he likes to jump off things and has really got into climbing.

    He can also throw - he was playing cricket with my dad the other day and was a suprisingly good aim! He can catch the big balls but would def not be able to catch a tennis ball.

    It is really interesting to see how all the los are developing and my mind's at ease a little now re the colours!

  • Emily - Bren can't pedal a bike or trike either, I keep trying to show him but he doesn't want to know. I asked at his nursery about it and they say it can be anywhere between about 2 and 3 when they usually learn this but sometimes older so I'm not too worried.

    I do worry about Bren's language skills, which I know is silly as he has two languages to content with but his cousin who is 4 months younger is far more advanced than him speaking wise - and knowing colours and counting etc. I feel a bit guilty that I'm maybe not spending enough time trying to teach him myself as I struggle to get 1:1 time with Bren now Jacob is about.

    Ali - we have those counting books, we have 10 little tadpoles and 10 litte fish - although most of the big pop up pictures at the end have been torn out by Brendan. Every time we get to that page now he sighs and says 'naughty'!!! Cheeky monkey!! x

  • Hi Waiting for baby - like you said i wouldnt worry too much just find games (and time - which is the hard bit) to do colours etc... at fins childminders she does things like they play cooking but she says ooo can you make me three white eggs, or 2 green apples.... so he doesnt know he is being slowly taught just helps him learn!

    he knows colours and most can say what they are depending on what mod he is in.

    counting he used to be better and count to 7 and then seperatly do 7,8,9, 10 but now just does 1, 2, 1, 2 all the time!

    he has a water bottle for all the time and childminders but he has a cup of juice if we are with him or at table - he is good but he will loose concentration and spill it!

    clothes he sort of can do bits - if we put top over head he puts arms through, he can stand on one leg push leg through etc us holding them, and attempts shoes but sooo cant do it!
    he does take his own glasses on and off and re-adjusts them if knocked etc!!!

    he can jump - get him a little trampline he will find that fun and learn to jump... if he jumps on floor its more of a hop, jump, skip thing!

    throw and catching only last few weeks been doing bit with him to be hoinest and he is quite good at throwing but again when concentrating and catching if we say stand there out hands and arms together etc....


  • Oh wow everyone is doing so well.
    Zachariah can't pedal yet either, heroes have a trike and I get him to put his feet on the pedals and we have a go at pushing his feet to see what happens, but no interest yet! I'm sure there used to be little straps on childrens pedals to help with that sort of thing but necermind I'm sure we will get there eventually image
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