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A bit personal UPDATE

I went for a smear about 10 days ago and recieved a letter this morning saying that I had an abnormal result and need to go to hospital for further tests. I have been asked to call within 2 working days which is making me thinks they know something is wrong. I have told my hubby and my mum but I cant really talk to them about it, does anyone have any experience of this? Amy x

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  • Oh hun - sorry no advice but I hope all is well and I'll be thinking of you!
  • Oh poor you. When I went to have my coil check I had a smear at same time and am sure the doc was saying something about abnormal results not always meaning they are bad news, just that it needs re-doing to be sure. I had one a few years back when it said 'insufficient cells' and had to return for another. Hope they can give you some answers soon. My friend had one last year too where she had to have a treatment for burning cells, but they weren't cancerous and she was fine. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi, I had the same thing when I had my first smear. The doctor explained that sometimes it could just be other cells (say if you had your af recently finish) that have messed up the results. I had another smear and it was all clear so don't panic too much.

    Also remember that even if it is something the main thing is you are catching it early so it can be treated.
    I really really need to get mine done as I am way over due.
    Let us know how you get on hun, big hugs! x

  • You have reminded me Im soooooo over due, have tried to make appiontments but either got none or last one at xmas got cancelled.

    I've had this once and it just needed retesting. A friend had this 3 yrs ago and had 2nd test. It picked something up [pre-cancerous cells] and she had them blasted. She now has an 18month old and is preggers. So was all fine as was picked up early:\)

    Hope you get it sorted out soon.
  • Thanks everyone, I am bit worried because when I had it dont thr nurse said if they didnt get enough cells or they just needed to do a retest then I would be called back to my GP but they have called for me to go straight to the hospital for a colposcopy and a possible biopsy. I will call them as soon as they open tomorrow and see what they say. I'll keep you posted!
  • I'm sorry I can't help you, I've only ever done this once and that was after Angel as I was so freaked out for reasons, so not had enough runs for the procedures etc.
    I completely understand why you'd be worried but I'm sure the fact they've noticed it in a standard test ( not a test done because you're experiencing symptoms) would mean anything picked up is early and treatable - should it need to be.
    I would hate having to wait for gp hours for info, could you not ring nhs direct, I'm sure they'd be happy to talk through what the letter means etc, I'm pretty sure you can chat on the phone or online now too.
    Good luck and hope it's all standard and ok. X
  • I called them when they opened at 2pm and have asked me to go in tomorrow afternoon! I dont know if thats good or bad but at least I only have 24hrs to fine out, I dont think Ive ever been more scared in my life! xxx
  • Hope the next 24hrs are bareable....for the nhs that's pretty quick. Sounds like your local hospital are quick and compitant, which isn't the case everywhere. Fingers crossed x
  • good luck for tomo sure everything will go ok x
  • Hi hun. Really hope all goes well for you and that your mind is put at rest and everything explained to you. Ive only had one smear before and all was ok. But thinking of you, let us know. Hugs xxx
  • Good luck for today Amy, don't forget to ask any Qs while there, I always forget so write them down b4 I go. They seem to be acting quickly so if anything is wrong, they'll sort it quickly too. Big hugs x
  • I hope everything has gone ok Amy, big hugs x
  • thank you all for your kind words. I had the colposcopy done today wich wasn't as bad as i thought it would be even though there were 5 nurses in the room! The results from my smear indicate there was moderate to sever pre cancerous cells and when she had a look she said there was more than anticipated and in more area's so they took about 6 biopsys (oh my god they hurt!) which have to be sent off to make sure they are pre cancerous and that it itsnt actually cancer. I have to wait 4 weeks for the results and also she thinks my coil has perferated my womb so I need to get that checked. Best case is I will need to have laser treatment and something to do with wire (I didnt want to know lol) and worst case is they have caught very early cancer. I feel so much better now knowing whats going on and that they are trying to push everything through for me. I will keep you all posted and one again thanks so much for listening to me, it makes this whole process sooo much easier!
    Amy xx
  • Oh that sounds like they know what they're doing and have explained things to you well. Poor you having to go through all that, but at least you're more in the picture now. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything's fine for you. Keep us posted and try not to worry chick. Big hugs x
  • Oh hun, I'm so glad you got your smear done so this is being checked out. Doesn't sound very nice having all these tests but it is all worth it for them to catch something early so it can be easily treated.
    I am so going to book in for a smear test now, I have been putting it off for ages which is so silly considering what the alternative may be.

    As Ali says, try not to worry too much (easier said then done I am sure) and come and chat to us lot about it whenever you need to. My fingers are firmly crossed that everything will be just fine for you, big hugs xxx
  • That does sound painful, but it is being sorted, you sound so positive, hope your hubby is being there for you. My friend that I mention in an earlier post had this. In her case they were pre and she had laser treatment, all clear and as I said has an 18m and is 12 wks pregnant now.

    I too need to booked an appointment ASAP, with irregular periods and a lack of appointments it's always a nightmare getting one, but no more excuses!
  • Im glad they are getting things looked at for you & sorted quickly and that your mind has been put at rest now its been explained to you. Good luck hun will be thinking of you xxx
  • poor you! sounds like a terrible time - thats great that they were able to see you so quickly - 4 weeks sounds like a long time to wait though! I will be thinking of you - it is good that they have been so on the ball, xx
  • I've been hunting for this post and found it at last!!!
    I'm so sorry, you must be having a very stressful time with the waiting but I'm glad you have been more informed and therefore in a sense more in control mentally to the goings on. Its great that it's been found and being dealt with so quickly and they know the options for whatever the results may be. Hope you've found lots of things to occupy your time as you do the waiting game and having everything crossed it's best case and also your 'perforated womb' was nothing.
    Take care x
  • hi well i havent ever had one - as my doctors chnaged the age limit (i had put off previously quite a lot and then i got pregnant so they said not to do it as affects results so now need to book in BUT sooooo dont dare - silly really!!!

    just wanted to say good luck - and my friend had they same and ended up having the laser thing, she said it did hurt but not like agony just not pleasant but better to have it done!!!
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