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I've just be brave enough to weigh myself ....

And OMG I still have 1 stone to lose to get back to my pre preg weight! image Can't believe it as I only put on 2 stone during my pregnancy which I thought was pretty good *sigh*. I know I have a jelly belly that needs to go but didn't think I had put weight on anywhere else, can't believe the whole stone of excess weight is on my jelly belly!
Really glad I hadn't bothered getting the case out with my old jeans in it as I think that would have been even more depressing.
Time to put the biscuit tin down I think and start eating a bit better, not so easy with a newborn though is it?!

Well,my aim is to be back to my pre preg weight by the 16th March when we are going back to the UK to see family etc and baptise Brendan. Do you think I am being realistic or just kididng myself?! :roll:
I put on Davina power of 3 DVD today and managed all of 10 minutes before feeling absolutely exhausted!! image

L xx


  • Hi Liz - at least its only a stone - I'm not far off my pre-preg weight but Id put on stacks of weight after my miscarriage (comfort eating) so in actual fact I've got about 2-3 stone to lose! At the mo I'm just too tired to care!

    Not sure you should be doing much exercise until after your 6wk check though - you dont want to do yourself a damage (crikey I sound like a mum!)

    Take it easy - I'm sure the weight will come off before you come back over here.

    Em x
  • ive got 2 stone to shift but then i wanna lose another stone! i have to admit im not dieting as such though as i dont think eating habits changed stay chaned for long so im just exercising,walking etc. have lost 2 stone already, i assume with the birth mostly!

    i been told not to do too much but i know when ive done too much and will stop andenjoy rest and cuddles with ryan. i have got the vicky binns dvd tho cos she looks brill!

    a stone seems doable in that time just do it slowly and steadily! take it easy as much as ya can though!
  • Hi Liz - you should be fine. I've not got 3 stone to lose to get back to pre miscarriage weight and lost 8 lbs last week, which I know I wont be able to repeat every week, but it certainly made me feel good. I am trying to lose 1st 7lbs by 8th Feb which is highly unlikely unless I win the lottery and have it all sucked out and then tightened up!!!!!

    I know I am not eating enough - seem to have completely lost my appetite since starting diet - but am making sure what I do have is healthy, so fruit & veg juices and soya milk and fruit smoothies and then a chicken breast and veg for main meal - boring but easy with hubby's new George Foreman mega huge lean mean machine thing - I love it!!!!

    Just need to get exercising as my belly after 3 children is now quite an odd shape and it was so, so flat before I met hubby...but then I was addicted to exercise, red bull and diet pills and that's not really a good thing - would rather carry a bit of extra weight and be healthy for kids.

    Just dont go mad and you should be fine - am sure your tummy will go down pretty quickly.
  • The last bit is always the hardest to shift....I was 8 1/2 stone when me n hub met (sweet 16, nearly 15 years ago!) and he jokes about me having to lose 1 1/2 stone - cheeky bugger! I'd be happy to be 9 1/2 again, pre-pg weight of 1st child.
    Is the Vicky Binns dvd any good? I think home exercise is do-able! Not one for gyms, running etc. Like riding (horses!) but can't do that yet! And swimming, but not with this belly or these boobs!
  • Thanks ladies, I have been good today and made sure I got a sandwich at lunchtime and didn't just pig out on biscuits that were easy to grab!!
    Even managed to get a shower before lunchtime today which was a real achievement!! =) Nearly even got outside with the pram for a walk but not quite!! lol!
    Think I will do the odd ten minutes of Davinas DVD just to try and build my fitness back up and avoid any of the serious stretches!!

    Liz xx
  • Liz - I still haven't got outside for a proper walk with the pram! The weather is so miserable and I am happy to go for a nice brisk walk in the cold, but the wet is horrible! I even have 2 slings for Violet - not that she likes either of them!

    I need to do something about exercising - I did 20 mins of a dvd yesterday but the bloody dogs kept getting in the way and the great dane tried to join in!
  • Does spending over an hour in Tesco doing a big shop on my own with a 5 week old baby and a toddler count as exercise?? Really hope so! If anyone can pass on some motivation to lose weight I'd be very grateful - all I seem to do is pick at food all day image
  • Its been snowing pretty much non stop here and pretty cold so I don't really like taking Brendan out when it is less than minus 5 as even with blankets and snow suit etc on his face still gets cold. Yesterday was the first day in a while where it was blue skies so I really should have made the most out of it!

    Emalenna - yep I def think an hour in Tesco with two little ones is classed as a work out!! You are braver than me!

    L xx
  • And me! I've not done shopping with 2 littlies's a mission when all 5 of us go. I usually skive off with Gracie in the pram looking at clothes whilst hubby takes the boys to get the food! Or I just go with Gracie..much calmer!
    Snow'd be fab, better than howling wind and driving rain - not sure I'd cope with the minus temp tho!
  • SHopping with 2 little ones is definately excercise. Cole & I went shopping yesterday but he slept so no hassle!

    I'm not weighing myself... I might once all the chocolate is eaten though!! Just trying to get out for a walk each day but not so easy when its raining horribly!!
  • The view from your window Liz must be wonderful - I have a lovely view .. well when you can see it - at the moment its just mist and rain - snow is so much prettier - though I wouldn't want to take Bryn out when its that cold either.

    Ps... I always do the shopping without hubby - I can buy loads more stuff that way - and neither of the kids are going to tell on me... yet!! lol
  • I agree shopping with kids is exercise lol We look Holly to tesco the other day but she just slept so was easy to get round and get what we needed.
    I refuse to get on the scales and see what I weigh mind you I don't know what I was pre pregancy but I have lost weight from some areas and put it all on my jelly belly! Im just about back into my normal clothes but think thats down to breast feeding.
    I can't wait for the better weather to come in so we can get out for walks and things with our babys, do you notice how many people stare into the pram when your out? I personally love it and could spend all day talking about Holly image Im finding it very strange how much some of my views and thoughts have changed since becoming a mum, does anyone else feel like that?
  • ive got loads of weight to lose (about 2 stone i think) but cant seem t o make time to eat properly some days. Ive been taking Lily out for loads of walks in pram, even in the rain and cold, and like you Amy i love it when people comment on Lily, which they do cos she is gorge! I know what you mean about your opinions changing too - i am sooooo annoyed at selfish dog owners who dont pick up their poo -i had to dodge so much of it the other day. And safe places to cross the road, parent and child parking.....the list is endless just dont gt me started!
    Also i'm starting to think that whole b/f weight loss thing is a myth - i hate to think how fat i'd be if i wss bottle feeding!
  • I've still got 2 stone to lose to get back to pre-pg weight. I've lost 2 stone already but I'm getting really peed off with the fact that I can't do any real exercise yet due to my c-section. I've been out for lots of walks but after an hour, my scar hurts and I'm knackered so have to go home, roll on my 6 week check!!!

    Amy is 4 weeks old tomorrow and I really thought (madness I know!) that I might start getting in to my normal clothes by now. I can get them on but there is no way I can do them up! I haven't weighed myself for over a week now and can't face getting on the scales. My jelly belly is gross!

    Why is it that we feel under so much pressure to get back to our pre-pg shapes/weight.

    I agree that my views and thoughts have changed too, I'm far less tolerant of old people and their shopping trolleys!

  • Ive got 2 stone to shift before im back to my pre-pregnancy shape but i want to lose 3 stone to be happy. I was a size 14/16 before i had my first baby and afterwards i went down to a size 12 after a few months. With my second i put on weight again and went up to a size 16 then back to 14 now im back at 16 again and want to be 12 again! phew! Im not having anymore kids. Didnt help having diabetes with my second child as it took longer to lose the weight afterwards, and with having big babies my belly is flabby image It deffinatley helps to lose the weight bf baby! Caed is 6 weeks old.
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