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the very late arrival of Marcus Alexander

Hi there everyone.

Despite Marcus arriving in Jan having been through pregnancy and with all you Dec Mums I have decide to post his story here Hope you don't mind.

As most of you know i went in to be induced on Tuesday the 8th of January after no signs of baby arriving and my due date being the 28th of Dec. Anyway 4 days later on Saturday the 12th of January there was still no sign of baby arriving. I had had 4 prostglastin gels god knows how many internal examinations and nothing. I was having some pains every 12 minutes but nothing that was doing anything. The scale they measure how advance in labour you are goes from 0-15 the first 2 days I was at 0 and never got beyond 5. My cervix was still posterior which meant they couldn't try to break my waters and start me on a drip to get labour started.

So on Saturday morning it was another internal examination the doctor who examined me had seen me on the Wednesday night and told us that nothing had changed in my body since then so he recommended a C section as i was now 15 days late. We decide to go with this option as the risk of waiting were to too great in my opinion. Things then happened really fast and One hour later our beautiful baby boy was delivered. The c section was nothing like I expected no pain, no panic and I have to say a pleasant memory of the delivery with everyone there being very kind and supportive.

Marcus Alexander weighed 8llb 3 1/2ozs and had a healthy pair of lungs. We stay on labour ward for about and hour to recover before returning to the ward. Marcus was by this time really sleepy and we struggle to get him latched on to the breast.

The next morning he was looking a little bit yellow so they tested for Jaundice which he had as this had happened within 24 hours of delivery it could indicate and infection so they ran some more tests. He was taken to special care baby unit for phototherapy. Unfortunality they had plotted it wrongly on the chart and when they realised this he came back to me on the ward as he only needed one light not two. However 2 hours later the first blood test were back which indicated the early signs of infection so it was back to SCBU for further test including a spinal test for meningitis. Needless to say we were very worried he was started on antibiotics and had a cannula for this in his hand and was placed in an incubated under two lights. Fortuantly the spinal test came back clear but we needed to wait for 48 hours for the full blood test results so he stayed on SCBU and I went back and forward between there and the maternity unit trying to breast feed to supplement the nasogastric tube he had inserted. Three days later the blood tests came back clear so they stopped the antibiotics. We stay in SCBU for a total of a week as he had lost more than 10% of his body weight and they wanted him to regain this before we left. During this time the staff helped me get him started on breast feeding and though we have had to use a nipple shield to help him latch on he is now able to breast feed.

We have been home 4 days now and are starting to get some routine and he is gaining weight now he is up to 7llbs 10 ozs so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before he is back to his birth weight.

Sorryits such a long post but such a lot seems to have happened since I last posted and in my little fellas short life.

Jillycat x


  • So glad Marcus is putting on the ounces and you are both home at last. It must've been a really hard time for you. Treasure your little bundle and take it as easy as you can!
    Ali and Gracie xx
  • congratulations, u really had a wait poor u but how lovely to have a pleasant experience. glad all is well but it must have been a hard time for you all.take care and welcometo marcus!
    xxxx holly+ ryan xxxx
  • congratulations - hope things go smoothly for you now you are at home.
  • Bless little Marcus. I hope you and him are doing well now.
    Congratulations on his birth . Take care

    Suz x
  • Congratulations on his arrival and I'm glad he's home safe and sound.
    Your experience of induction and subsequent c section is exactly the same as mine!!
    It's a lovely name you've picked too! Remember to try and take it easy!!
  • Huge congratulations to you!! Im glad baby Marcus is recovering well and hope he continues to put on weight. Look after yourself as well,
    Amy xxx
  • congratulations! 15 days late hey! I struggled at a week late! So glad youre both doing well x
  • Congratulations - you must be so happy its all over and Marcus is finally here, fit and well and putting weight on. Teke care..... Em x
  • Sorry to hear you had a rough time of it, especially after all that waiting, but big congratulations on the arrival of Marcus Alexander

    Enjoy him

  • So glad you and Marcus are ok, sounds like you had a very stressful time waiting but I am so glad that your c-section went well and you had a positive birth experience. Sounds like you are doing a fab job with him and so good to hear you got lots of support and help with the breastfeeding.

    Liz xxx

  • Wow you must be so relieved, firstly to finally have him here and secondly that all tests came back giving him the all clear. I must say you sound really laid back about the whole thing although Im sure it must have been terrifing. I bet you can't put him down! Enjoy all those cuddles and I hope breast feeding keeps going well you've done fantastically considering the c-section and that he wasnt with you for those first few days.

    El x
  • hi

    glad you posted your story because what you all went through was very distressing and you very brave. my baby was the same birth weight as your lo and lost a pound in a week but he steadily put it on so dont worry and congrats to you all xx
  • thanks everyone for your kind words it had been a worrying time but we got lots of support and tissues to get through it all, We are enjoying our days at home at the mo and have had a few strolls out in the pram to the duck pond not that Marcus saw the ducks as he slept the entire time!

    Jillycat and Marcus
  • well done jillycat and huge welcome to the world marcus xxx
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