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Hubbys granddad passed away a few days ago & he was found yesterday. Hubby has been away on school trip and mil was trying to persuade me to not tell him until he gets back tonight. I made a decision and called him last night, although i was being pressured so hard not to. I knew that he would be really upset if i had known and not told him and plus he had to get in contact with other people. Bloody mil. Anyway, am sad for him


  • Oh no, so sorry to hear that. I would have done the same thing about telling hubby, was it your mil or fils dad? xxx
  • Oh no - your poor hubby. you were right to go with your feelings on this and i don't think i'd trust what your mil says on anything.
  • Sorry to hear, my hubby's grandma died 6 weeks ago and would've been 90 on the 8th june.
    Mil should not have told you what to do or rather, not to do. He's your hubby and it is up to you what to do now, not her. I find men take these things much easier than women, or is that just me?? My hubby and dad don't cry when ppl die, or hide it from me...
    Give him big hugs when he's home and hope the funeral goes as well as it can. x
  • just wrote reply and BE didnt post it!
    It was FIls dad who died, he lives a few hours from us and didnt know until hubby called him, so i did the right thing.
    Hubby got back last nite and was ok, just sad obviously and exhausted from trip. He said i did the right thing too x
  • Oh I'm so sorry...........take care
  • Oh I'm so sorry...........take care
  • Sorry to hear that, def agree you did the right thing though.
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