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Safety of lo when under your feet whilst cooking! Tips pleas



  • fin is the same as i can more or less take him anywhere and off he'll go - at childminders he runs straight to play room and gets out his fav toys and then cries when i try to take him home!
    but what i would say is that actually its a good thing as he must be really happy there and have fun whoch is the best thing!!!!

    liz bet it will be strange leaving bren although a godsend as you havent really ever had to leave him - thats fab he went off to play though he'll love it and you'll need to break (well sort of break with a baby)

    i'm trying to work out of we can afford to keep fin going to childminder even if just for 2 half days a week as he loves it there and also to give me a bit of time with new baby or do food shop with only one in tow or something - i worked out it will still cost me over ??100 a month but i think worth it!

  • Oh definately well worth keeping fin at the cm if you can - i think you'll probably appreciate the break - I know my friend appreciated the break from her middle boy and her eldest when her son was at nursery and the eldest at school so she could spend time with the youngest.

    Are you working star? Cause if you are then while you are on paid maternity leave then if you get tax credits towards the nursery cost then they will still give you help with nursery cost. Or cm cost.
  • I was going to say look into tax credits too, there's def something about childcare in there

    Well I'm glad it isn't just zqvhariah then LOL, however he's not clingy to ANYONE else, I know lucky me he's a mummys boy LOL but seriously even with his dad in the room he can cope for about 5mins max and then whimpers that I'm not there with him! I know I'm his only stability as we really are always together but it's really panicking me for when he goes to nursery etc as I can't see how he'll cope! I would drop him off at the parents for testers but they don't live close enough so I am really doing this on my own, doesn't help that oh is out at work pretty much all the time and too tired to help out at home image
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