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Good news!

No I'm not pregnant! But my friend from work is! I was so thrilled when she told me I got a bit emotional! So many people seem to be having good news at the moment - it's vey exciting! So pleased all is going so well for WTB too. Hope we can all have some luck healthwise as I know quite a few of you have been so poorly - emma, Helen lisa and amy Just off the top of my head - I hope you are all sorted and back to 100 percent ASAP!!


  • awww lovely news. Jay's brother is having another baby too due next March (their dd is 5 days older than Alfie lol) but babies are such lovely news. Also hope everyone else who have been having bit of a crappy time with illness start feeling lots better soon too x
  • Oh yay, congratulations and as you say let's hope we can shut the box of crappy stuff and everyone starts to get all smiles and celebration image
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