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o/t but need ideas please!

it's for my mums birthday - she lives a way away from me so I normally try to get her something that means we spend time together. Last year I bought us theatre tickets and we went for dinner etc and it was lovely.

I can't think of anything this year - there is nothing good on at the theatre near me - she's not into pampering so a spa day is out.

Anyone any ideas - wondered about a high tea somewhere or somethign like that but I would just have to make it up myself rather than have something to 'give'.

Alll ideas welcome! image


  • I think you can get high tea gift vouchers - if you have a posh hotel near you/her it might be worth checking if they could do something up for you. The restaurant I used to work in didn't do vouchers but if anyone wanted a gift or a fundraising prize we used to make a card up specyfying the ammount or the prize (like a 2 course dinner with a glass of wine) so it was nicely presented.
    what about something like a wine tasting or chocolate tasting?
    or a cream tea - although you'd obviously be better off down here in devon for that (sorry Emma)
    got to go now - story time!
  • I gave my Mum a home made voucher for her birthday by getting Brendan to put his hand print on some paper, writing what it was for on the other side and then laminating it. I wrote it out for a day shopping together with lunch included, it was really nice and I think she appreciated it. x
  • Thanks ladies.

    Sent her a card with a gift note in for a day out in York with a high tea in Betty's or a visit to Alnwick Gardens (big garden near us) with lunch included - both strictly ladies only - I'm sure she'll like either!
  • That sounds lovely - hope she has a fab time.

    (Jules - would that be a Devon cream tea with Cornish clotted cream??!! lol x)
  • Sounds fab, I love Alnwick Gardens! I took my Mum to York for her shopping/lunch trip as its not far from where she lives, plus I know it pretty well as I used to work there.

    If you're close to Alnwick gardens MaxiMum maybe we could arrange to meet there when we are on our way back to Yorkshire from Scotland? Depending on whether you are in labour or not obviously lol!! xx
  • Sorry i'm rubbush at things like this! Usually send them a gift voucher, money or a book, so boring! THey are usually on holiday for mum's birthday and my dad's in mid june so they are busy at the hotel and can't come up, i'm at work so can't go down!

    Hope you come up with something fab x
  • oh liz meeting up there sounds lovely! I can;t find the post on the dec group on fb about the dates - anyone bump it up for me???
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