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oh my god ....

Are any of the others just going through a REALLY whingey moany phase???? Max is becoming a right pain! Well he has been for a few weeks now. He won't nap in the day at all still (although occasionally falls asleep in the car if we happen to be out at the right time) but no idea if this is why he's being like this. But he is such a grouch he'll be as happy as larry and being a joy and then 1 toy won't do EXACTLY what he wants or if you offer him a snack or drinkt hat he doesn't want and he just IMMEDIATELY switches to this moany whingey crying horrid thing. I KNOW I am hormonal and so have the patience of a NAT but it is driving me to distraction and I am trying to not snap about it but seriously it does my head in and then 2 mins later he is happy and smily again but it goes on and on all day. In the week he's at nursery full time and this NEVER happens there - they had one day like it this week and were really shocked and thought he was coming down with something and were sooooooooo suprised when I said that that was frankly 'normal' for us! He is always shattered when he gets in from nursery so I can understnad it when he gets in but at a weekend he does it all day and I don't get why we do lots of different varied activities in and out of the house but it makes no difference.

I am so hoping it's just a phase but I only have 2 weeks left at work before Maternity leave and then he will only be at nursery 2 days so I will be on my own with him 3 days a week from half 7 till half 5 and if he is like this I may well commit murder! I actually think staying at work for longer would be easier.

Please tell me he is not the only one???!


  • Maybe he's just playing up for attention as he senses something up?
  • Nope, Bren has days like this too. And like Max they always say he is really good at nursery! He rarely has naps during the day at home and hasn't for months now, although again like Max he will sleep if we are out in the car somewhere. I try and get him to calm down, and usually it doesn't last long, but if he gets really cross I warn him he will go to his room if he carries on as a few times he has nearly hurt Jacob (by accident but still not good).
    I think it is just frustration and something we have to ride through but it must be really tough for you being heavily pregnant too! I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you before baby number 2 arrives! How many weeks are you now? xx
  • 31 weeks now!

    i don't think it is attention seeking as it really seems like it is emotional frustration and he normally calms so quickly again but it is just bizarre and irritating!
  • Rhys switched to being like this overnight too, but after a few weeks of it he seems to calming back down again. Thank god!!!

    As for lack of patience am with you there at the minute ha ha
  • Gracie is too, on and off. Sorry, but it doesn't go away quickly, my 7 year old is the biggest pain in our house at the mo, talk about attitude!
  • Oakley is the same but has been for ages. Angel for cm but can turn on a six pence for us
  • I'm with Ali - it doesn't stop for ages, though at least Tristan seems to be less whingy these days!!

    31 weeks - that has gone so quickly! Take it easy xx
  • Glad I am not the only one but sorry to hear others are having it too AND that it may last a long while!
  • hmmm - not liking that the 7 year old in your house is the worse Ali! Zach's 5 in a few weeks and I was hoping he was going to grow out of some of his attitude soon! Noah can be a really whinge bucket a lot of the time and at the moment he is very clingy and mummyish - i have to be the one to cut his food on his plate not daddy - stupid things like that.
  • Elijah can be such a whinger some days & I just dont have the patience with it as im still getting exhaustion from being unwell. So I end up snapping and making it worse...Its very frustrating though, but I seem to remember Lije has always been this moany even as a baby-lol, I used to say to people, 'he's such a moaner!' x
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