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Help me!

Plans my hols ladies!
Well, France may be a no-go now...Zoe's oh has torn his achilles tendon and so is in pot!
Soooo, was talkin to hubby today and I said I could ask you ladies who live a lot further south than me for some lovely places to go! With a caravan and 3 pressure!
If you know of anywhere, esp with a good (not too big) van site and lots of places to go with kids (both free and not!) then please can you let me know??!
We could even meet up for a brew if it's near to you!
Look forward to any replies!


  • Sunny morecambe image or blackpool image

    Um..aka no idea! sorry
  • ha ha Kia am samre wouldn't have a clue lol
    Hope u find somewhere nice to go ali x
  • Lol you two!
    I know you're slightly South Becci, but kia, you are most definetely NORTH! (just remembering you're geographically-challenged!) he he
  • We used to go to the gower in the caravan when we were little, lots of beach, close to Swansea so shops n cinema, there was also a swim centre. I'm sure there was lots to do but my family were more of a beach n chill type zzzzz image the campsite we stayed at had their own mini shop for fruit n ice creams, and they had barn dancing etc you could walk to beach but prob too much of a trek with gracie, I'm talking years ago but they def seemed a bit of a community as groups would gather together for ball games etc, could try n find the name for you if interested.
  • I live in North devon (not far from cornwall) is that south enough??? lol There are lots of caravan parks around Lots of beaches!!! Newquay is quite good i have even been on holiday there!!! (sad i no as its not very far) Croyd, woolacombe theres loads of places round here!!

  • We used to go down to Cornwall every year when I was younger and rent a cottage so no idea about camp sites I am afraid! Tintagel is fantastic, Perrenporth (sp?) has a lovely beach, Bude is also nice, I don't think you can go too far wrong down that way although it is a bit of a haul drive wise.We used to leave at 2am and get to Bude for about 8am for breakfast, meant we missed most of the queues on the motor way.

    Other than that, I know it isn't South but have you thought of somewhere like Settle? My hubbies Aunt has a static caravan thing there and it is really nice, plus you can get to the lake district fairly easily. Or Robin Hoods Bay is another childhood favourite of mine.

    Not much help really as it is a long time since I have been camping and I have never been caravaning!!! Sounds like you need somewhere with a good pub if Zoe's hubby has his foot in pot!! x
  • I love Penzance in cornwall (sennen cove) and we used to go to an excellent caravan park around there when i was a child, with a bit where older kids can play snooker/table tennis and a playground for younger ones. I really cant remember the name, but will ask around and let you know x
  • I know where I live thanks :P
    I went on holiday in a caravan with my moron ex to whitehaven or somewhere round there. Dont' recommend it cause there is bugger all there!

    Tintagel is supposed to be really nice actually. Or anywhere really down south should have good weather I'd have thought.
  • Thanks lots of good ideas!
    We've been to St Ives in a chalet thing a few years ago and it was lovely.
    Liz, we go to Settle quite a bit and yes it is lovely there too. It's only about 3/4 hr drive from us.
    We've joined the camping and caravanning club today so can go on their sites for well cheaper than others.
    Keep the ideas coming ladies!
  • Depends if you want seaside or not really! Forest of Dean area is nice, plenty of things to do, ditto for Devon (north & south - mum & dad live in Paignton!) North/East midlands has lots to offer (derbyshire/nottinghamshire/leicstershire).

    Not been much help have I?! The Directory you'll get through from the C&CC will give you lots of ideas!!!!

  • Hi Ali
    North devon is good for caravans and beaches - we go croyde and woolacombe a lot! where abouts are you Feebie?
    If you wanna come south devon its fab - great beaches, loads of things to do - paignton zoo, plymouth aquarium, woodlands, woodlands has an award winning caravan site and i don't know how expensive it is to camp there but if you do go entrance to the theme park is free. Its amazing - we have annual passes so we go all the time and today we went for zach's party with his friends and it was great. everything is included so no extras. lots of indoor bits if it rains too. just had to delete some of my post as i realised i was ranting on a bit and sounded like an advert but it is good! if you don't want sea side there is dartmoor and exmoor near by.
  • Sounds great!
    We're def going South wales (near to Fishguard) for a week as my friend from Uni will have a one month old baby by then so we can see him/her.
    Got our sites book from C&C club so will be trawling thru that soon.
    Thanks for all your replies! x
  • Hi juleys I'm in bideford (not that great a place) its about half an hour from croyde!!!
  • oh bidefords nice! we were there not that long ago! really lovely part of the world up your way. x
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