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Has anyone heard from Jillycat? I saw her name on here on Friday but not seen any posts from her yet, hopefully she's had the baby and all is well.


  • I was just having a look around too to see if she had posted any news somewhere. Fingers crossed all is well with her and she is enjoying her lo too much to come on here!

  • Liz that is a gorgeous picture!! He looks well munchable!
  • Thanks Obi! He loves his bathtime except when it is time to get out lol!!
    Your lo looks a real sweety too, who would believe they keep us up half the night when they look that adorable?!!
  • hello everyone

    still in hospital, so will post full birth story later. Basiclly the induction didnt work so i had a lovely baby boy 15 days late on sat 12th at 12.05 he weighed 8lb 3 1/2ozs. No name as yet. However my poor little one developed jaunice within 24hours and they are treating an infection so he is on SCBU at the mo which has been a worry. He is doing very well and we find out today when he can come home. I will try to post again when home with all the news as it takes forever to post and sometimes fails using tis hospital thing!

    HOPE everyone else and thier babies are doing well

    jillycat x x
  • Well done Jilly, he certainly kept you waiting! Hope he is soon well enough for you both to go home.

    Obi & Philip
  • Congratulations Jilly... and hope your lo makes a speedy recovery so you can come home soon.
  • Congratulations to you and your little man. Hope you both get home soon for lots of newborn fun and cuddles!
  • Just knew it would be a boy causing you these problems!! =) So glad he is finally here, really hope you can both go home soon and start to enjoy being a mummy. What a good weight too considering they were worried at one point in your pregnancy!

    Hope you are ok and recovering well too, looking forward to seeing you back on here sharing baby queries.

    Liz xxxx
  • Congratulations Jillycat!
    Another little boy - am I right in thinking there were more boys within our group than girls???
    Hope he comes home to you soon and that you are feeling well.

    Take care.
  • Congratulations Jillycat - Bet hes worth the wait and the worry. Hope you're both home soon.

    Em x
  • Congratulations to you and your little baby boy. Hope youre recovering well and lo comes home soon
  • Congratulations Jillycat - hope your little man is doing well and home safe and sound.
  • thanks everyone for your kind thoughts we are now home and marcus is doing well. I have put the full saga on another post its a bit long so be warned!

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