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uh oh

Rhys has learnt how to open the front and back door. the little houdini escaped earier think it's time to keep the doors locked


  • Lol we've had this issue too, darn doors and clever children. I'm really worrying he'll suss the key bit soon too haha
  • Oops, yes Gracie can escape at my mum n dads, but luckily not at home... if I remember to put the bolt on!
  • Forgot to say zachariah will open the car door from his carseat now too, child locks well and truly ON!!!!!!! Thankfully I found he could do this whilst the car was parked, I'm not sure I'd have coped had I been driving lol!!!!! Boys/toddlers tsk!!!!! He's so not a baby anymore image
  • oh god - thank got our front door knob is way to high for him to reach!!!

  • We've had to put a chain high, if someone can reach the keys he has the front door unlocked and is out, quiet as a mouse! last time the neighbour caught him just as we realised he'd got out, he was going to the co-op to get some milk apparently! little terrors, definately not babies anymore image
  • going to the co-op to get milk! thats so sweet!
  • We've got a safety gate on our back door onto the veranda otherwise he would be out of that like a shot! We keep the front door locked so he can't escape from that! Little terrors huh!! x
  • w4b, Gracie opened her door whilst we were on the motorway image nearly pooed myself!!!
  • The joys of a 3 door car! (well mine is anyway!)... Bryn managed to get out of the house last summer but he hasn't done it again - needless to say the door is always locked now! x
  • Oh I'm glad only have 3 door too.
    Rhys was walking around the front of the flat puling a bright pink suitcase behind him wearing his pj's (un matching lol) and slippers. My neighbour knocked on to let me know. Just glad it's so quiet and hardly any cars but doors are constantly locked at the minute.
  • lol at the pink suitcase! Maybe he fancied a holiday!! Glad your neighbour spotted him!

    Ali - OMG! Not surpirsed you needed a change of underwear how scary!! I'm not sure Brendan could reach to open the car door from his seat but I will check next time I put him in. Eeek! x
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