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Too big for travel cot!

Hi ladies hope you are all well.
Just a quick question. Jack seems to be getting to big for his travel cot when he stays at nanas or grandmas but i dont think hes big enough for a bed even with a side guard. Ive seen the blow up all in one beds for kids that look cool but they sat 2 years and up. Any ideas?:roll:


  • We bought a bigger travel cot from tesco for about ??30 and then bought a new mattress off ebay and Holly seems happy enough in it. She has a smaller travel cot at her gran and grandads but she never sleeps well in it and I think its coz its not so big. I havent thought about trying an inflatable bed but to be honest I dont think Holly would settle very well in an inflatable bed. Good luck finding something
  • Gracie's slept in a Readybed since March in the caravan and she's fine in it. Don't know why the say from 2yrs!
  • We just got cole the blow up one from ebay for when we go camping - think he'll be growing out of the cot soon too.
    I just put a link on it on a post here somewhere... on this forum..not too long ago but I'm buggered if I can remember where it was...


    There it is - its really good, the duvet bit is half stitched on so it won't come off, and I puti n a best offer of ??19.50 and the seller came back with ??21. bargain. Cole had a lie down on it and seemed ok with it.

    Cole's first night in the big boy bed tonight so if he does ok with that then we'll start trying the inflatable at my parents, otherwise it'll get tested in august!!
  • fin still uses travel cot at my mums for nap in day and if stays over - it is a big one and he's still fine in it but going to get one of those blow up readybeds for him to nap there when baby comes along and used travel cot - they look good and in argos xxx
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