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Hiya..was it you that was asking about alcohol and breast feeding? If not then I'm imagining things .. but anyway - I just found the piece of paper on it from my bf-ing workshop. It says for 2-3 hours after drinking and as the amount of alcohol in your body reduces, so does the alcohol in the breast milk. It said no need to pump and dump the milk, and as far as I can tell from it, 1-2 units is ok anyway.


  • yeh it was me kia, thanks for that. its good to know that i can have a glass of wine without worrying. ill just wait til after i have fed ryan next time i want one!

    did want to ask u something actually, think we had a similar labour but cant remember so if im wrong sorry butdid u have stitches too? i had internal and external and only yesterday noticed the internal ones healing and a bit of stitch came away when i wiped (sorry sorry sorry tmi!). have urs healed? again sorry if wrong!

  • Yep.. i had stitches too.. just internal ones. Mine haven't bothered me at all - had them checked once in hospital and they looked fine. I haven't dared to have a look or let hubby have a look yet though!!

    And yeah I think we did have similar labours. I tore and lost 2.6 litres of blood. It hink you win on the transfusions though - I had 2 units of blood 2 days after having Cole (dunno why they took so long). Hubby said last night that I nearly died - not sure if he was oexaggerating a bit but he said i was going paler and paler and all the docs were running around trying to stop me bleeding. I'm not sure I could put him through that again to have another baby!

    Midwife did tell me that the stitches would come away - she said I might notice bits of them but I haven't seen anything.
  • Sorry to but in but i had stitches too because i had an episiotomy. Like you Kia i cant bear to look as id probably faint! Mine havent bothered me either and were meant to dissolve after a week.
    Holly, Im worrying now!-how come you can still see yours? Are there different types of stitches where some last longer than others? Sorry, probably being a bit thick here!
  • I think i'm gonna get hubby to look at the stitches or where stitches were. Things feel a bit different (sorry..tmi) - I was gonna have a look yesterday but i was waiting for my tumble dryer and decided that it was probably best to get dressed!!!

    I asked if they dissolved about 2 weeks after I had them (you think they'd tell you) and was told they'd probably be well on their way gone by then
  • yeh i been told they should dissolve but they didnt, they pulled out but i healed completely externally. internally is probably ok but the stitches pulled out a few days ago... was really worried too but the hv and nurse werent fussed. well when my pill kicks in i will no if they have healed i hope! i hope things wont be too painful.. or uncomfortable..or that i dont rip in
    my stitches were a running stitch rather than the kind u count which i think is different to some
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