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Nose bleeds

Any of the los had spontaneous nose bleeds?
Gracie's had a high temp and ear inf since Tues and during the night she's been having nose bleeds. Poor love just wakes up, nose streaming, but so wants to go back to sleep...I have to wipe her nose while she's laid down sleeping again.
I was prone to them as a child and had a proper op to cauterize my nose when I was 11. Both Charlie and now Alfie have them too. I wonder if they're heriditary??


  • no finlay has never had this - but sounds like if youve all got it she's getting the same, it prob isnt bothering her apart from waking her up but its still worrying and you have to be careful witrh her swallowing it in sleep! perhaps mention to docs just to be on safe side!

    on the plus side at least she wants to go back to sleep - if anything wakes fin however tired he is he refusses to go back to sleep!


  • Aw poor thing. Hope she's feeling better soon. Probably best to mention it to the docs as star said.

    Not much help though - cole has (so far!) never had a nose bleed
  • I will mention it next tme I go. Rang NHS direct today as she has a rash on her body, pink and blotchy. I wasn't too worried, as it wasn't a meningitis type rash, but wanted to see what they said. Didn't have to take her anywhere, but the nurse gave me a good her ears hurt they'll hurt when she swallows ie when eating. As she's been off food a bit, she said to feed her 30-60mins after having pain relief. Never ever thought about that ever, but seems good sense!
  • Is Gracie any better now? Hope so with everything going on in your life at the mo x
  • sorry hadn't seen this message - yes zach my older one suffers from nosebleeds. he gets them when its hot or the air is dry so in the winter during the night sometimes when the heating is on or during the summer when it is very hot and he's been running around. not sure if its to do with the lining of his nose becoming dry and irritated?
    both myself and my hubby suffered from terrible nosebleeds when we were younger - i had my nose cauterised when i was about 10 and never had a nosebleed since.
    i mentioned it to docs and they said it shouldn't be anything to worry about - is quite common - but definately worth you mentioning as gracies may be connected to her ears and all children are different.
    hope gracies feeling a bit better now x
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