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Well we're off to Espana tomorrow to my mum n dad's villa (with them there too, babysitting on tap lol). Only thing is, Chez's damaged a disc in his back and can only stand for a short while, needing to lie down lots. 2hr 45m flight later, 3 kids, and man who walks like he's pooed his pants (sorry but he does!!!), 2 cases, 4 hand luggage bags and a pram = one very stressed out mummy!
Have a lovely bank hol weekend all!
'Speak' soon xxx


  • oh dear - hope it's easier than you think and that you have a lovely time!
  • lol at the 'man who walks like he's pooed his pants' that made me giggle!! My hubby hurt his back the other week (showing off to the kids at his school how good he was at long jump so no sympathy!) so I know what you mean about the walk!!

    I hope you have a fab holiday, and that Chez feels better soon - or at the least improves his walk so he doesn't embarass you lol!! xxx
  • Hope u have a great break & the travelling isn't as stressfull as expected. Hope Chez's backs better soon too x
  • Hope you have a fab time and Chez starts walking normally soon xx
  • Oh dear Ali, not a great start! Hope the rest of your hols go swimmingly. Enjoy and relax xxx
  • hope the holiday pans out ok, the pooed his pants comments made me giggle too!! xxx
  • Yikes 'pooed in pants man' could be v. interesting walking through security!
    Really hope holiday goes well with everyone coming back fit, healthy and relaxed x
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