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Changing Names

Oooookay... Some are practically the same but some names are totally different!! Who the hell is who???? :?


  • Hmm not impressed- can't change my name was 'taken' so someone else has my name. I see yours is the same - did you have to change it back? My new one is same but with UK on end of it
  • I saw this on FB and has a strange name after lots of tries I mamanaged to get one just about the same....and Ive looked on my profile to check the info on there as some said they were publishing this.
  • I had to change mine too as my old one was taken, not too different though and my pic is a bit of a give away!

    Totally sucks having to change names. xx
  • Had to change mine too but it's virtually the same just with lots of xxx's instead of *'s
  • OMG! Just seen all the change to BE...and why have they done all this? alioliuk??!! I shall try to revert back...
  • I've changed mine but to be honest was about to anyway LOL!
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