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I've missed you all and i'm back!!!

Hey everyone!!! missed you all! my laptop wouldnt reply to messages or would overheat after loggin on for 10 mins... BUT hubby brought me a new netbook for xmas soooo I'm back!!!

I need to do some catching up.... cant wait to here how the little ones (or not so little) are doing... message details if you can be bothered!!!

Finlay - well he can be the most sweetest, understanding boy, also very bright - a bit too much for his age he thinks far to much and questions and understands things you wouldnt expect a 5 year old too... good but then with thi has come a little bit of a attitude...'what' is the thing at the min!!

he is still with childminder and since im back at work both he and mason go 2 days a week and my mum on a friday like before... they seem settled although think fin does get tad annoyed with mason as he ruins his games/toys and generally gets in the way!!! jan 10th he starts playschool (pre-school) only got space for him Monday and Wed to begin with for the afternoons but this will get him used to it and then in easter will go thur aswell and then on to mornings come september... i hope he likes it...

He eats well, although has his favorites and doesnt really eat potato things apart from mcd's chips!!!

he goes to bed really well, just asks to go up after bath and has quick story and thats it - the bad thing is... he still has dummy!!! i know naughty mummy! and to make it worse still a baby bottle of milk... then the new bad hanit is that in the night if he wakes or mason disturbs him he shouts for milk... i started giving in as usually id been up to ma for ages and just got him back off so to shut fin up would get it and he would go back top sleep... so this has now developed into habit and i havent energy to break it yet!!!

As for Mason - he is a MONKEY!!! he is going to be such trouble he is 1 and has tantrums, screams, doesnt sleep well still.... BUT he eats everything!!!! I did try the whole controlled crying and it eas awful and went on and on and even then wasnt brill but then got him sleeping tad better for about 4 nights - he got ill and then slept in our bed or i ended up on sofa with him and he was worse than ever!!! now he is soooooooooo clingy like so bad i cannot move off sofa without him freaking thinking im leaving him even if marcus is playing with him!!! so i think in night when he wakes he just wants me and to hold him etc anotherbad habit to break!!! most nights its like having newborn so something has to change and only we can do it....when tho..???!

anyway thats us in brief..take care love me and boys xxxx


  • Hi Star!

    Glad you're all well and are having fun with your boys, can't believe how old Mason is now! Don't worry about the dummy/bottle thing. It's much harder taking these things away when you have a baby as well....the toddler wants to revert back to baby things too and who can blame them?! Gracie has her dodi just at night time, was purely by fluke that she did without it for a few hours one weekend and I just decided not to take it to c/ms or nursery and she's een brill with it. I really thought she'd have it for years!

    I'm sure Fin will love nursery, Gracie is going an extra day in Jan as se loves it sooo much! She even wants to go tomorrow but it's a pre-school so only open term time.

    We're all well and are waiting for our new house to be finalised to move into soon into the new year if poss.

    Good to have you back! x
  • fin doesnt have dummy or his elephant snuggle at all at childminder... but as soon as i turn up he says he is tired and wants it so i do try not to give in day at all unless having nap or poorly but i really dont dare take away whilst mason still not sleeping well as i dont need another thing waking me up through night!!!!

    ooo new house... how exciting!!! we need ti do extention as mason is in a temp room hubby built downstairs for him until we get it sorted... god knows where we are going to get money from!!!

  • Hi star welcome back! N still has a dummy and I have no excuses apart from I'm quite happy to wait til he's older. I also haven't started potty training - he's not ready and him having a nappy off even for 10 minutes for bath time fills him with horror so I'm going to wait til nearer the summer. He goes childminder 1 day and preschool 1 & 1/2 days a week.
  • that makes me feel better that i am not the only one with a 3 year old loving the dummy!!!

    i dreaded the pitty training but last summer we had a mega hot spell and i hadnt planned just thought would try as had once before and he was having none of it... and it worked!!! i was shocked and still am to be honest - we had one time when he went backwards, not sure why think bit to be with mason crawling and fin hated it and was getting upset as all his games were ruined but since then been fine... we progressed to toilet few months ago now and he goes on his own and uses step etc... but if wearing jeans shouts me as cant oull them up... also to wipe bum of pooed!!!lovely!!! but i totally think that you both have to be ready or just a waste of time and energy, if you get the timing right then should be ok....

  • Hey Star, good to see you back and hear how you and the boys are doing.

    To update you on my two, well Bren is pretty good, he can play by himself well and be pretty well behaved, but he can also have his moments where he is a stubborn little so and so and answers back! I'm using the naughty corner with him which seems to be helping, although Jacob often goes and stands next to him too!! He is generally ok with his eating, he has the odd days where he doesn't seem to want much, and I have found he eats more at lunchtime then dinner time. I had got rid of his dummy but then he was poorly for a few days and kept pinching Jacobs and I was lazy and didn't do anything about it . Jacob is such a dummy monster it is untrue! Think I really need to just get rid of both of them at the same time but it isn't so high on my priority list at the moment!

    Jacob is a very cheeky monkey, he is 19 months nearly and can say quite a few words - including 'NO!'. He has paddies when he wants something he can't have and Bren and Jacob are both bad for pinching each others toys and then getting cross with each other! They are also playing well together at times too so at least some balance is there!

    They go to nursery 3 days a week and we are thinking of increasing this to 4 as they seem to be getting so much from it. They both understand Norwegian and English and both speak bits of both. Brendan is doing really well with his talking now although his english sometimes has bits of norwegian thrown in!

    They are both pretty good sleepers though, Jacob goes to bed at 7pm and Brendan goes to bed at 7.30pm. I have found they have both been better since I made sure they had a set routine and enforced going to bed at the set time. Jacob has woken the odd time in the night over the last week or so as he has another tooth coming but generally he goes back to sleep ok. We can't put him in with us as he just doesn't sleep and wriggles around all the time so that is one habit we haven't got into thankfully!

    We are still planning on having a 3rd, but it is looking more like it will be the start of 2012 now when we ttc as we need to get the basement renovation and extention sorted. Plus a really good friend of mine is getting married towards the end of this year so I don't really want to be pregnant for that. It will also mean that Bren will be 4 or 5 when the next one arrives, and Jacob will be 3 so hopefully they will both be a bit more independant and past the nappies and dummies stage!! Still think we must be mad as the boys run us ragged but I don't feel our family is complete yet. A friend has just given me boxes of baby girls clothes that she doesn't need anymore, just in case we are lucky enough to have a girl next time! xxx
  • Hey Star, weve all missed you image

    Cant say i blame you about dummy/milk as you have 2 little ones and I find it hard with just one most of the time! It was very hard for us to think about getting rid of E's bottle, but once we did it we never looked back! Hes never had a dummy but always used his bottle as a comforter instead (much worse obviously!)

    Well E starts nursery on tues and I must say im really looking forward to having some time to just think about what my next goals are and get some things done. Havent really had time away from him like that ever. Plus I know hes gonna love it and get so much out of it, which is great. He will be going mon-weds 1-6pm.

    Generally, he's a very cheeky, loving and intelligent boy. He's always asking to learn new things like what do different animals eat and where do they live. We googled the giant squid last week and he loved learning about it and painting a picture lol.

    When SS is here, E tends to change a little as obviously the usual balance is tipped a bit. He loves his brother but also seems to find it quite hard to adjust at times to him being here.

    He will eat/try more or less anything except jacket potatoes! He loves his snacks though and I find it hard to say no as he whinges at me for snacks lots!!

    We do want another but feel that we're not rushing at the mo and want money worries to at least be steady for a while and for me to be driving too. xx
  • lovely to hear what your lo's and you up too - im soo nosey i love to hear all about them!!!!

    sounds like we have got some lovely lo's then - lets hope they stay that way!!!

    Liz.........another oh my god!!! i do get broody but know i couldnt go through it again - dont suppose it helps mason still bad in night and still very much a baby in one sense as not yet walking and rather than try to talk like fin did he roars, sqeals etc... he is a very different little ones!!! both my neighbours are pregant due this week and next month i am sooo excited - just the fact that i can have a cuddle.... hehehe! popped some bits over to them tonight as i had clear out and had nosey at cute nursery - ones having a girl and the room was decorated in butterflies now that dod mae me think ooooo! BUT NOPE i think we would end up divored if i even considered it - and i think id have breakdown!!!hehehe! i love my 2 boys and although dont want to wish this time away cant wait till mason on his feet and they can both play outside in summer and at park etc...

    just brought fin some slippers for playschool today and had to persuade him to try them on and keep them on for bit... they were buzz ones so now he has got used to them thinks he is a superhearo when wheres them!!hehe!

    what to do with mason and sleep i just do not know - i know if i was reading this post and it was someone else id be saying got to be a bit cruel to be kind and let him cry it out a bot etc etc - but i do try and he litrally goes mad longest i left him is 2 hours and that is with no letting up at all of anything getting worse and by them i am flaked and give in!!! dont think waking for dummy as when i go in usually he has found it and has in on mouth or hand! think its just me he wants and does not want to be in that cot! - if i try to put down awake after bottle he will scream when near his cot as knows im putting him in there then proceeds to cry etc for ages until again i give in and pick up and cuddle to sleep then lay down!!! bad i know as when he wakes he wants to be back with me and cant get settle himself!!! arrggghhh he's bloody 13 months now xxx
  • You probably remember we had bad problems getting Jacob to sleep through too, mainly because it was horrendous trying to do controlled crying with him as it would take ages and Brendan wouldn't go to bed while all the noise was going on. I moved into the sparebedroom with him for a week which is at the other side of the house and that got him sleeping a bit better but it was still hit and miss.

    In the end I found with Jacob he really needed a very structured routine for bedtime, and we had to keep it the same for it to work properly. Now both boys have their bath at about 6pm ish, they have a good play together in the bath, then they come out, come into the living room and have their milk and we read them a story and watch a bit of tv together. Then at 7pm hubby and I (and Bren joins in lol!) sing the cbeebies bedtime song to Jacob and hubby and I then take him to bed. We have a groclock in the boys room so I press the button on that which makes the sun wink and fade into the star who goes to sleep so Jacob and I wave night night to 'mr sun'. Then I sing a lullaby to him as I lay him down and tuck him in, then usually I can just say night night to him and that is him down until the morning.

    Sometimes I have to sing to him for a couple of mins before he settles down.

    I think unfortunately with Mason it is a case of breaking some bad habits, which is never easy as I have got into loads myself before with the boys. Maybe pick a week when things are a bit less hectic and then just go for it. I know the cc can be really hard, the method I used with Jacob was to put him down, say night night, leave the room. If he started crying leave him for 5 mins then go in and calm him down, say night night and reassure him it is all ok. Then leave the room again and leave it for a bit longer next time, repeating this with longer and longer gaps between you going in to calm him down. I know it is tough as it took about 3 hours of doing this with Jacob on the first night, then about 2 hours the next night but it definately broke a lot of bad habits and he was able to get himself to sleep after it without needing me all the time. Definately stop letting him come into bed with you, I know it always seems like a quick solution but the sooner you break these habits the sooner you can get back to some decent kip!!!

    Fingers crossed you find something that works soon hun! xxx
  • thank you - yes i do remember you doing that!!! i think your totally right it is habit as although they way he screams and cries sounds like something really wrong i know there isnt its that he is fuming and angry with me for putting him in his room in the cot! a while ago now i did the controlled crying and yes it was horrendous and i basically slept downstairs and then hubby was in charge of fin so if fin woke etc he would have to deal with him!!! i think thinking back it did work as i seem to remember after about 5 nights he slept thru for 4 nights - but think he got cold and that was it and for months been worse and i would say this last 2 weeks seems even worse as getting a personality and temper etc in day so at night even worse - like you say he can cry scream etc for well over 2 hours and still not flake and if he does he wakes after 40mins and it starts again!!!

    we have always had a routine as do with fin - at 7 they have bath together and play and then as bathroom downstairs we always get them dressed in pjs in lounge and they have milk and then marcus takes fin up and they have little story and he just goes sleep... mason then at the mo will usually drink milk sit quietly with me for a while ad drift off and i then lay down (bad as then not settling himself) i have in the past and on odd occasion after milk gone and lay him down and said nite nite and left - but i usually have tears scream etc when get to the door and lower him in he is that bad... even if basically asleep he will bolt up stand up bang wall scream so itsnot even like he is in there a min without being upset!!! i have started putting a nightlight on and the other day put a flat pillow in and a nicer blanket thinking he may snuggle down or start to like his cot... nope!!!

    anyway he was put in cot this afternoon awake but sleepy and he screamed etc but all did go quite and he went to sleep so he can do it - think a lot of time he gets himself in such a state he sort of cant calm down, he gets all short of breath, very hot etc... this bedtime as im at work tomoz needed to get showered, pack ups etc i was naughty you see and let him conk on me and lay him down- so havent started the night well have i??!!!

    sorry for going on - all i do is moan!!!

    i think i need to get a week booked off work and try and tackle it - that way 2 days they are childminders so i could drop them and go back to bed and the other day at mums so could do the same - that may give me incentive during night to carry on and not gove in!!!

    Mason had his first proper hair cut today at the barbers - as you al have prob seem from fb - fin has long hairstyle... just doesnt suit him short... so i knew had to get masons cut as was very long and i knew i would not like it when cut short if i left ,much longer...!!! anyway he was sooo good and sat in chir can you believe with me just stood next to him and the man cut it!!! fin also had a c=good chop more than normal and they did it nice - i struggle to get anyone to cut it in a good style so doesnt look like a mop!!! so he is all smart ready for playschool on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
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