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Globally delayed...

That's what the special needs health visitor has said about zachariah, doesn't really surprise me as he sounds behind when I read about all of your not so little anymore little ones. we're now waiting for him to have a developmental assessment to find out where he is at and to ensure he gets the right help at school- which I'm still struggling to find for him!

The good news is Elyssa is already tracking, smiling and cooing so I think she is fine. It's so weird as it's all so new to me. Zachariah didn't even hint at a smile until 16 weeks.


  • Glad you're getting somewhere. Hope you can get the further assessments to get the help you need. Em has had a lot of help with B so I'll keep my fingers crossed your part of the country is the same.
  • Hi.

    El's right we've had loads of help with B - infact sometimes it just seems a bit overwhelming. The main thing is it has been picked up on and now the wheels should be in motion to have him completely assessed (unless he has been already).... From the time we had B's initial meeting with my hv to him having a diagnosis was about 8 months and in that time we saw so many people - most of whom were totally brilliant... I've heard that's really good so it will be interesting to see what happens where you are - I don't know how different Zs problems are from Bs.

    I understand completely about reading how the other 3 year olds are doing and knowing that your child is slightly different, but I always focus on the positive - B can draw a smiley face with eyes, nose, a mouth and even hair and ears before he asks me to draw the body; he can recognise numbers and say what they are up to 15 and yet there are loads of things he's just nowhere near doing!! Most importantly though he's very loving, very cheeky and totally gorgeous!! Try not to compare (very hard I know cause I catch myself doing it all the time!)... Yes he's not like all the others but that just makes him even more special and even more unique.

    B's language and understanding has improved so much since we've seen all the specialists and although he's way behind lots of the other dec07 toddlers I'm sure he'll get there in the end image

    You know where I am if you want to compare notes or just to talk to someone who's child is a little bit 'special' image (ok so I know everyones child is special - but you know what I mean!! lol)
  • didnt want to r&r so thought id just add that whichever stage each of our little ones are at they are each so special and amzing and its so great to hear that those that need it are getting some great support from others.

  • Thank you everyone. Em that's fantastic how much bryn has progressed.

    We have had almost a months worth of appts now as we moved hse and all the specialists have changed so we're just getting back into the system.

    It's been quite good really as people are looking at him with fresh eyes so perhaps are more aware of his 'issues'

    We have his developmental assessment booked now for mid-feb, I'm actually loOking fwd to this one as I'd really like to know where he's at.

    Its now been suggested he needs a speech assessment too as he's obviously really delayed and they want to know where they are working from. The speech therapist feels that there is a specific speech & language problem and wants to get him into a s&l unit to try and help him learn to use the musclesfor speech etc that hes not picked up already- she's said it's not going to come naturally so he needs intervention and hopefully we will have a break through (the thought of him never speaking actually really scares me!)

    It's all been a bit full on recently....

    He's a lovely boy (most of the time lol) but he's really hard work and I'm just getting more and more concerned. He's not drawing just scribbles and would prefer me to do it, certainly can't recognise numbers, let alone count/read/write them, colours and shapes are nothing to him- I almost feel I'm failing him ATM :,(
  • Hi again... it's so good when things start to happen but for a while I have felt a bit overwhelmed by everyone that I've seen and all the information and processes we're having to go through... make sure you make an note of peoples names and what they do - I'm always being asked 'did you see so-n-so?', and I really can't remember!!

    B still can't recognise colours and will quite often talk in complete gibberish (the specialists have all called it 'jargon', which I think is rather odd!).. he also has no fear or any idea of danger. He falls over a lot and lacks co-ordination, which hinders him in lots of ways - when I say he can draw a face - it's not always clear what it is but he labels it by telling me - if you see what I mean - other than that he usually scribbles (though he loves drawing circles over and over again for some reason - one of his 'things').

    Having specialist help is such a bonus - now they know Z has a problem they can target his weak areas and once they do that I'm sure you will notice an improvement. The most important thing is he has you there to support him and you're doing a fab job. Looking forward to hearing how you get on x
  • Lol, I know what you mean em, as I write down appts and follow ups I'm always jotting their name down next to it as i never remember who is who. I'm bad enough at remembering names socially anyway so to have all these professionals is too

    Much for my teeny brain!

    They've known zachariah has had problems since he was born, so we've always had help. The trouble is we still don't know the extent of his problems and 'why' which makes it very frustrating to deal with and they don't know what angle they're meant to come in at. He's been seeing a speech therapist for over a year, it's just only now the new one hasn't pussy footed around the subject and was matter of fact (which i prefer tbh) in saying he won't/can't do it on his own and will need training/work to maybe get there! He's also quite clumsy but more so because of his interned foot and sight when he's concentrating too hard on visualising something far off- it holds him back definitely.

    I'm actually finding him a lot harder since Elyssa arrived as he can't have my full attention and yet seems to need it, I guess I hadn't appreciated quite how much until now as it was just us! :lol:

    Just waiting for this assessment now so there will be no question over his capabilities and developmental age.

    Bryn sounds like he's doing really well em, I'm really pleased the specialists ate helping so much. image
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