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goodbye :-(

I've come on to say goodbye which I feel quite sad about. I was a late joiner starting to post after N was born but you all welcomed me in! For most of you posting since pregnancy it must be 4 years since you all first met here. I've made some truly wonderful friends you are all supportive and caring. We've been through some stuff and I love that you are always there.

Since the sites changed its not so good and I know a few of you have privacy issues . Liz has already left which as someone who's posted so many hundreds of posts is very sad considering the way she was treated by BE at the end.

So for me its goodbye december 07 forum but not goodbye to all my friends who I now keep in touch with through facebook, letters, emails, texts..even the occasional meet up! I'm hoping lots of us will be at the next meet up but in the mean time love you all lots and see you on our own private forum!

Oh and happy mothers day you're all amazing mums even the ones wining the wooden spoon this year! image

Lots of love julesy xxx


  • I want to say good bye too image

    I feel really quite torn as I like to see all my old posts, way back to 1st April 2007 when I got my BFP!

    Don't like the new site at all.

    This site has given me some of the best mummy friends i could have asked for and I thank all of you for your posts of support and responding to any random worries and niggles I have had.

    This has been quite a journey.

    Long live December 07 ladies, and we shall in our FB group, founded by the wonderful Jules!

  • I think its that time for me too. I hardly ever come on anymore.l but i owe some amazing friends to the site. Thankyou to all of you for being there at all hours of the day and night to help, support, listen, cheer on, make laugh and rant vent to. Motherhood would have been very lonely and Alot more difficult without you girls. Getting emotional now. lol. I love and cherish your guys. well that's it. over and out. Kiea xxxxxx
  • Me too.. I'm not happy with the way the site has been since the changes especially the privacy issues and I'm disgusted at the way Liz was treated.

    I'm so glad to have met you all on here and in real life though...definately won't lose touch with any of you

    See you on fb

  • Im also here to say goodbye, this site is nothing like the one where we all "met" so long ago, and think the way Liz has been treated it totally awful and I'm sure that many more members will be leaving.

    I have met some truly fantastic mums from this site and look forward to the years ahead, Amy xxx
  • I hardly come on here either, so i feel that it is time to say goodbye. However, i am saying farewell to babyexpert, NOT the wonderful ladies who make up the dec 07 forum.

    Motherhood is truly a rollercoaster of emotions but with the help of you lot, i have survived it! Soooooo pleased that we are all still friends on fb and although i havent made a meet yet i still know that you lot are there (hey em? hic! teehee!)

    Still cant believe babyexpert havent done a feature on us yummy mummies friendships?!

    Im not sure what has happened with liz but i hope shes ok.

    Well, this is it.... last post.... over and out :cry:

    love suz x
  • Oh this is too sad! But we all know this isn't the end of us as a group...and we shall continue to chat/meet/rant through FB and other channels!

    Now to read some old posts before I truly say goodbye to a site I was once sooo addicted to....because of you lot being there for me!

    Love Ali xxxxx
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