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To take the cot sides off or not? (also in Toddler)

Hey ladies!

I know this has probably been asked a zillion times already, but after a little advice please...

Skye is now 26 months, and although she has not yet fallen out of the cot she does try to climb out quite a bit. She furiously bounces in there and has managed to snap one of the bed slats this week with her exuberance!! She also seems to have practically outgrown her daytime 2 hour nap in the last week image , far, far earlier than I was anticipating!

So, with the Xmas break coming up I am thinking maybe I should take the sides off her cot maybe? My reasoning is that if she is a pickle and is up and down during the night then at least we have 2 weeks off so any disturbed nights sleep getting her used to the cotbed with no sides will not kn*cker us out for work.

One side of her bed is against the wall so thinking I may leave this one on as she bashes the sides quite a bit at night, and has mesh bumpers on to stop her injuring herself. We have a bed rail from Ikea that should fit her cotbed to stop her falling out in theory anyway. Any thoughts??

We have not started any potty training as yet so also thinking that we could tackle the bed first, and then the next time we have a week off do the PT, if she's ready of course. Do you think it would be best to tackle them separately?

Thanks for any advice/experiences!

Iz & Skye x


  • Hi,

    Well, Gabriel mastered the art of climbing out of his cot a few weeks ago so I decided to take just one side off (minimise the risk of falling out)... I also took the side off Gideon's too even though he wasn't climbing out as Gabriel was trying to climb in!!!

    They do get out but I have put a stair gate in the doorway so they can't get out of the room... This works really well for me.

    I would definitely master one thing at a time...

    Good luck for the potty training...

    Sara x
  • Hey, we did it about 6 weeks ago now and josh has been brilliant.

    We too put a stairgate across his door so that when he gets up in the morning he can play quietly in his room image (but more to keep him from falling down the stairs and just running around getting up to mischief!)

    The last week or so he has suddenly not been great at napping aswell, altho 3 days this week he did nap again so who knows, im hoping its just a bit of a phase as I think he is too young to be giving up his nap completely and not sleeping in the day has disrupted his night time sleep a lot, plus being 28 weeks pregnant I need that break in the afternoon!

    I think I would try and do only one thing at a time, and like you say it will be good over xmas while youre both off and if it does cause problems its not so much of a hassle.

    Good luck and she may surprise you like josh did me, I really thought he was going to be a nightmare but he loves his 'big boy bed' (sounds so cute when he says it!)

  • Thanks for the replies ladies image

    I'm getting my head round taking the sides off now...but will wait until after NYE as she's staying at Granny's along with her 15 month old cousin, and I don't want to cause any upset before this night - we need a big night out after my birthday plans went pear-shaped last Friday!!

    Made the bed rail up last night but it doesn't seem tall enough to stop her rolling over it, so not quite sure how we'll handle it all yet, but gotta try I guess :lol:

    WIsh me luck! x
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