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Is anybody potty training yet?

Hey my lovely BIDdies!

Just when I decided to get the sides off Skye's cotbed so we could get the bed thing out of the way before PT, she decides she has other ideas! :roll: Not sure why I'm surprised tbh, as she always makes her own mind up!!

So we had the potty out before bed for a few days before Xmas just so she could get used to having it about, and on the third evening she decided to have a wee in it! Cue lots of praise, cuddles and mummy excitement (or terror!) LOL!!!

So we've had her nappiless for half an hour or so before bedtime every night for the last 2 weeks now, and she usually has a wee on the potty, clever girl image

Now she's demanding no 2's on there too, which I'm not quite ready for yet!

I think I'm quite happy to go with the flow and let her use it every night when she wants, and may start to do the same every morning too slowly.

I know there's no right way to do these things as such, but how have you ladies handled it if you've started PT?

I have bought pants and vests so I'm ready for taking her out of the popper vests she's still in, and a travel potty, oh, and 2 pairs of training pants for going out and about to start with. Will probably get a seat pad for the buggy/car seat too to contain accidents.

Nothing else has fazed me as much as this whole PT is, argh!!

Any advice or experiences gratefully received, Iz & Skye x image


  • Clever Skye...sounds like you've made a great start.

    I think you're right...just go with the flow. if she asking to do poos then go for it. I'm not training lily yet..she does know when she needs a poo but will ask for a nappy to be put on. I'm just going to leave it for a while and not make it into an issue.

    I've helped train alot of children, but it's doing what works well for you and skye. If she's ready then i'd personally not just do potty am / pm but just go for it during the day as well. From my experience it can confuse the child. Perhaps choose a week when you're not up to much so you can concentrate on the potty training. Once they're ready it doesn't usually take longer than a week or 2.

    Not sure how helpful thats been...not sure if you work etc.. For me, i'll plan to do it when i'm off work so i can crack it then. If she goes to a childminder / nursery make sure they follow your rules or it will confuse her.

    My MIL keeps getting on at me...even bought my lily some knickers for BD and xmas...subtle hey! image

    Good luck...just do what you feels right for you and her x
  • Hi,

    You are very lucky... I've heard that girls are easier to PT than boys...

    I started last week, but there were 20 accidents during the day and no wee in the potty!!! Thank god I have wooden floor boards!!!

    My 3 1/2 year old is still in nappies too, this is so frustrating...

    Boys are lazy!!!!!!!

    Any tips from you ladies with boys would be fabulous...

    Sara x
  • Hi girls!

    Posy, I feel the same as you, nothing has phased me until this!

    We started last week with Brooke's brand new potty that she picked herself and so far she's had 1 wee in the potty and several on the floor! I sent her 2 nursery in a nappy this morning but sent 2 pairs or knickers aswell (incase she wet 1). They sent her home with a blanket round her (nothing on her legs) and a nappy on so i'm guessing that she wet both knickers and the jeans she had on and the spare pair she had at nursery. she gets dropped off in the evening and my partner didnt think 2 ask why she didnt have any trousers on :? !! Will have to check 2moro!

    We dont have any particular structure to the PT, just trying to go with the flow but i think i'm going to have to try a different tactic!!

    Anyway, sorry 4 the lengthy (and useless) reply!! If anyone could give me any tips i'd be eternally grateful lol!!

  • There is no way I wanted to start pt at the moment considering everything but, like Skye, Abby has other ideas. In fact the day after I got Charlie got home we went to Mothercare and Abby suddenly shouted from the back of the car, "Abby need poo! Toilet!". I rushed into the toilet there, pulled off her nappy and she did a poo on Mothercare's toilet. Since then we have had 1 in our toilet and 3 half done in the nappy and finished in the toilet. Considering this I have bought her some "big girl knickers" which appeared in her stocking but am going to leave off the actual event until I can concentrate on her. I am happy to take her to the toilet if she asks but until Charlie needs less time it's not fair on Abby. When I do attempt it I am going to do it by putting a potty in every room, practically forcing liquids into her and not going out for a week. I think proper knickers are better than training pants for the initial training stage as she will feel the wee on her legs and feel uncomfortable.

    Good luck Skye. Hope to see you again soon now I'm home,

    H xx
  • iam not gonna try untill the summer,then the twins can run around the garden with no nappys on but they have been taking there nappys off and sitting on the potty but not doing anything

    and sara7-i feel your pain,my boy is 4 in april and ive only just got him potty trained,he was the only one in nurery who wore a nappy,when it was the christmas holidays,i was hell bent on getting him potty trained,he took to it soooooo easy,i was expecting it to be a right battle so was very suprised,he could have done it much earlier but he was just too lazy
  • We haven't but don't think Isaac is anywhere near ready yet! Sounds like Skye may be tho. I am exactly the same, the idea terrifies me more than anything else so far! I haven't a clue.

    Will be watching this thread tho and your progress with Skye. I found a nice little story book for toddlers about potty training on amazon - Pirate Pete's Potty and there's a girl's version too. That's all I can contribute i'm afraid! :lol:
  • after a promising start a while back where dd had 2 wees on the potty in nursery and getting upset when we were out and she wanted a wee. she also asked to use the potty a few times but by the time i got her trousers down and nappy off she had already gone. some times she tells me when she needs a wee and it is usually when we are out so i have to tell her to have a wee in her nappy and its ok to do it. she has also told me that nappies are for babies.

    so after all these signs i thought we would give it a go. so we went shopping for a potty of her choice. so one friday after breakfast i sat her down with the potty and told her she was a big girl now and was going to have wees and poos like mammy blah blah blah and she was happy to have her big girl knickers. so up came the rug :lol: out came the potty and off we went. she disappeared round the back of the sofa and came back really smelly so she had had a poo in her knickers. after 1hr 45mins from taking off the nappy she went and sat on the potty on her own but had her trousers still on so we quickly pulled them down and she sat on the potty. to keep her there longer i popped peppa pig on to watch but after it was over she wanted to go play so up came the trousers and off she went. within 30 seconds she was pulling on her trousers and moaning saying 'wet wet wet' so she had had a wee. if she had stayed in the potty just one more minute she would have had a wee on it. unfortunatly i had a call from a friend who has recently had a baby and needed a chat so we had to go out so we went back to the nappy. going to try again in a few weeks time.

  • Thanks for all your comments ladies, and well done to all those toddlers having a go already!

    Bliss - We have a potty training book called "I want my potty!" with the Little Princess, and Skye loves reading it image

    We have had more potty wee wee's and one on the toilet this morning, and she is getting most upset when I try and put a nappy back on her now, so I think I may have to get on with it properly very soon. We have had one accident on the kitchen floor, thank goodness, and the odd dribble before she gets to the potty, but overall quite good!

    I think the training pants still give them the feeling of being wet BF, it's just that they'll contain the accident a little more in their clothes? They do sound all rustly and plasticey though. image

    All pull up type nappies will have to go though or I think she'll get confused - got to try and get the MIL on board with this one as she only uses pull ups on Skye, and she'll be terribly protective of her precious carpet, wish me luck... :roll:

    God I wish it was summer so she could run around outside pantless, it would make it all so much easier! :lol:

    Iz & Skye x
  • Fallen Angel - Saul is going to be 4 in April too, the 20th!!! Its a nightmare isn't it...

    I sent the twins to nursery today with 27 pairs of pants!!! I wonder how many they've gone through today... Will find out soon as i'm off now to collect them!!!

    Must get the washing machine ready!!!

    Sara x
  • OMG Sara, 27 pairs!!! :lol: How many dry ones did they come back with?

    I think we have 12 pairs in Skye's current size so hoping this is enough for one toddler!

    Skye actually had a number 2 on the potty tonight image , we got shut out of the room so I knew what she was up to! It wasn't quite a total success but pretty good for the first attempt :lol:

  • ds1 will be 4 on the 12th april,he had his first leakage at nursery on fri,he hasnt done bad though,will see how next week goes.

    iam not looking forward to PT the twins,your a brave woman sara :lol:
  • Well done to all those potty training!

    Fallen angel and sara i run and nursery and we often still see older children in nappies. They do eventually decide to use the toilet and in most cases it's done with a week or 2.

    I do feel there is more pressure for parents to get children PT. Reasons such as they go to Nursery so need to get trained soon, or my favourite...grandparents tell you that you were PT by 18 months!

    Children pick up on how we feel so if they know you're getting anxious about PT they may just decided to be awkward about it image I have to keep having words with my MIL as she keeps asking lily to try the toilet. This will just make PT seem like a big deal and make more of an issue of it which i don't want it to be.

    It can be quite different in todays society. Yrs ago it was the norm for mums to be at home full time. in my case i have to work so Lily has a childminder and grandparents look after her.

    Therefore with PT she has several different carers...different toilets etc.. so they're so much more to consider.

    Not much help, but just my opinion. I really feel parents know best so just do what you feel is right. Good luck everyone xx
  • lixiedixie -its nice to know that its not only my son who is late at PT,at nursery he was the only one in nappies,i felt awful and such a failure as he was so late in potty training
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