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It's trying for the next one!

Well my AF started on friday so have decided after that we'll try for the next one!! (Avoiding March though image)

I'm feeling, nervous, anxious, excited...

Will keep you posted! x


  • welcome to the club.

    i came off the pill in november and had first af in 23 dec. i have been taking temp so that i can keep track of my cycle more than working out when to bd. so according to the i ov yesterday. though we are not 'trying' like last time but are now taking a more relaxed approach for the time being.

    i have been looking at time and dates and it is really confusing due to dds birthday and going early last time etc. not sure when then best time would be

  • Thanks karen,

    Of course, for you, there's more of a chance you could go into labour early. I guess, anytime from now would be ok...what will be will be. For us, finance was a big consideration so we waited until lily was 2. That way, if i fell 1st time, we'd only have a month of expensive childcare before Early yrs funding kicks in.

    We said we'll just see what happens but my husbands reckons we should be trying 3 / 4 times a week!
  • i had a chat with the gp about going early last time and if there was anything in my notes that would suggest that i mihgt go early again and she couldnt find anything. i had seen the midwife jsut days before and everything was normal and dd was not engaged. she seems to think that it was probably just one of those things. the only thing i did differently that day was to go to a relaxation class with the midwife so i certainly will not be going to that again

    the gp told me that i should definately go for and not to worry. i will be under consultant care rather than community midwives but it would be more of a precuation and he/she may recommend cervical scans too check the length of my cervix to see if i am at risk.

  • It's great that they keep a close eye on you, must be very reassuring for you.

    Yes, sounds like you should avoid those relaxation classes! image

    Hopefully we both wont be 'trying' for too long. Exciting times ahead!
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