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wow it's quiet

Hiya BIDdies

I hope you are all well.

I'm mainly over on the nest but do pop back here a fair amount to see how everyone's getting on.

Things are interesting here. Crappy start to New Year. DH was in hospital pre-Christmas with suspected shunt problems - finally saw the consultant he should have seen pre-xmas and he said that the shunt doesn't 'feel right' which given his continued symptoms suggests DH will need a shunt revision op at some point as he shouldn't carry on with the symptoms he's got for too long. image

Then to top it off I had a follow up assessment with the physio department 3 days later and they have discharged me :cry: and written back to the drs to say that as my RSI symptoms are work related and they can't make them worse - there is no further treatment they are prepared to make and I need to liaise with work to ease the symptoms or give up work! :cry: Not really what I want to hear when I've got over 30 years of my working life left.

Was rather a shock and now leaves me working out what the next move will be. Work have got me the equipment needed (some of which has made things worse) and are doing what they can but bottom line is I'm doing way too much computer work and it's cause the symptoms to persist. I've had this going on for over 6 months now and the best they have been is over the 2 week xmas holiday when I didn't work at all!

Consequently really need new job now but not expecting much. There's been very little round our place and what has been available is lower paid, or involves committing to hrs that I'm not prepared to do (staying until 9 or 10pm when needed and regularly to 7pm - all unpaid). I can't do it due to nursery pick ups if nothing else.

Career wise it's adding more weight to the fact that I need some big changes. I need to do a lot less computer work or 'repetitive intricate movements' so that restricts my options a lot. I'll be lucky if occupational health at work don't recommend a different role or sacking me (which would be allowed as I can't fulfil the role) which would leave me really in the proverbial.

Good news is that it's spurred us on to decide we're going to start ttc this year rather than waiting until 2012. If I fall quickly then hopefully I can make it through pregnancy while staying at work and then have mat leave to confirm and organise my next move (which will probably be childminding and/or cake making unless something unexpected crops up).

Very excited about getting pregnant again. It's something we both really wanted but were putting off due to the financial problems, but as things are changing - we might as well make it happen sooner rather than later. Going to be strange not having tea or prawns for so long again - but well worth it.

Still after any career suggestions if anyone has ideas. I still vaguely have teaching in the back of my mind but at the moment it would be too costly to do the training and look after 1 or 2 children so will give it a few years - I might then know if it's a decision I'm making out of wanting to teach or feeling forced to teach to get a good wage.

This week is a bit of a d-day week as I'm back at work Monday with an HR meeting monday (where I get to tell them about what happened at physio and give them a copy of the letter that's gone to my GP) and DH has his follow up appt with the consultant. Hopefully both will go well.

In the meantime Ciaran is being quite a star at the moment. Everything is 'yes please' at the moment which is lovely to hear and his favourite toys are jigsaws and his wooden train track, both of which we love so it's a joy to play with him 90% of the time.

Sorry - that was a bit longer than expected. Hope you are all well whether you are managing with one child or more!
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