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holidays and beds

we are going away in august and dd will be nearly 22 months. she hates her travel cot (she has only slept in it a handful of times. the bungalow we have booked only has a travel cot available and cant get the cotbed into the car plus everything else.

i was wondering how we are going to manage. a big bed will be too high incase she falls out. there are a couple of options that i can think of

1. put the mattress on the floor so only a few inches to fall

2. buy and inflatable ready bed. we could 'practice' with this before we go.

which do you think would be better???

do you think it would be worthwhile taking the bars off the cot a few weeks before we go to get her used to it???


  • I suppose it partly depends on what space there is in the room and how much she tends to move around.
    The mattress is a good idea but you could have problems if there isn't much spare space in the bedroom to get the mattress on the floor. Also if she moves about a lot in bed she would be more prone to falling off.

    The ready beds are supposed to be really good. We've got one ready for when we next go away as he's so used to a bed now (and it's smaller than a travel cot). They are good in that it gives them a defined space, a headboard so they can't go over the top end of the bed.

    I suspect it will be a really good idea to try either option before you go as she's still in a cotbed. It's quite a different experience when they can get up and you may find she likes to get up and about rather than staying in bed for a while.
  • Interested to see what the suggestions are as I think Skye will be nearly touching both ends of her travel cot when we try to use it for a short week away in a week! But come September when we go away I have no idea what we'll do - she would just escape from an open bed in 2 seconds flat at the mo...
  • hey, we bought this barrior off ebay that you put under the bed and it blocks the end so theo can't roll off the bed that comes really small in a little travel bag. i haven't actually taken it out of the little travel bag or tried it yet but i'm planning on doing that soon so will let you know what it's like, but something like that could be useful as it's much smaller that a blow up mattress and means she could sleep in the normal bed without you worrying? it was only ??9 plus ??4 delivery. hope that helps, kate x

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