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DD's first haircut

finally bit the bullet and had her hair cut this afternoon. she was such a good girl. she looks so old and grown up now

here are some before and after shots


  • Aww bless her, well done for being so good - every time Rachel has hers done, she wriggles for England, so I've given up on her having tidy hair!

    Hannah xx

  • very cute! They look so much older once theyve had their haircut aye!
    Josh just had his cut (about haircut number 5 or 6) but he screamed bloody murder the whole time the poor woman was cutting it, i just said ignore him and do as best you can :P I knew he would stop and be fine as soon as she finished and sure enough he was all smiles and waving to her as we left. Ill have to post some pics of him too, its such a transformation, but id let it grow so long as i knew he wouldnt like getting it done :P
  • She looks so cute image I refuse to cut Lorelei's hair lol She looks like a crazy professor so I prob should image
  • Hope you dont mind me posting these on here rather than starting a new thread image


  • ahhhh both boddlers look mega cute before and after their hair cuts! gorgeous!!! theo still doesn't have enough hair for me to cut! image x
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