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when we count the number of words our lo's can say, do they have to be completely correct??? as in book, look, thomas etc as DD will get a book and say 'ook' or point to something and says 'ook' or sees thomas the tank and say 'omas'


  • Nah, I count anything Al attempts as a word - otherwise he would only have two words!
  • I count anything that sounds roughly like the word. Isaac can't pronounce any word completely correctly yet, so we would have 0 words too! We don't have many words yet though, well that I can make out!
  • I count anything that I can understand. If Lorelei saying bana I know she means banana so to me that counts lol
    Dude has a bit of a country accent (he says things like key-ar for car lol) and is a wild mumbler- combine that with living in Bristol and Lorelei would do well to pronounce any words fully lol
  • The only word Abby can pronounce correctly is "daddy" but she has a lot of others that she's working on. She and I have conversations now but I can only understand 10% of what she's saying. I only count those I can understand but she probably counts a lot more as she knows what she's saying. image

    I'm now going to go away and list all the words she can say. She might be interested at a future time.

    H xx
  • I count anything most people would understand if they listened carefully when the word is being used in context.

    Lily is pretty good at words and most are clear - Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, cat, car, car key, teddy, oh dear, socks, plughole (I know, random) etc. Lots need a bit of imagination (gok gok = yoghurt, Baddie = Maddie, durdee = dirty, foor = floor) and some sound NOTHING like the actual word but are used consistently in context (eg she always says "ay-dor" for bye bye or goodnight).
  • Oh and she calls dogs "boggos" as the childminder's dog is called Bongo! I'm not sure whether to count that!
  • Abby calls our dog either "ahh aah" (she's called Amber) or "dor". Every other dog is called "woof" because they bark. Amber never barks.
    Anyway I would definitely count "boggos".
  • Hahaha. BOGGO.

  • BOGGOS!!!! love it

    Ruby is the same, says lots of things that aren't the proper word but i know what she means so i count them.
    Her faves are "TESSSSSSS" who is the dog and Alex (her cousin) which she says perfectly. she calls me "mammaaaaah" and says ook for look, today she said "shuz" for shoes and likes to say "sis?" for what's this? she also says juice.
    The weirdest one is she knows thank you but will not say it, she just goes "mmm,mmm" with the right tone behind it!!!

  • PTB, Ay-dor for bye bye could be some kind of variation on 'see you later'?? I always say "see you later mashed potater" when i'm leaving brooke so she likes 2 say "taters" 2 any1 who's going anywhere lol!!

    her favourite words are cat (which she shouts at the top of her voice) 'oh toodles' (from the mickey mouse clubhouse) sit down, get down, lie down, down, (she'll try anything 2 not be carried/picked up) and 'Can-Koo' (thank you)!! I count all the words that I can understand or that sound vaguely like the word she is trying 2 say!!

  • Abby's added "ta" - yayyyy!!!
  • Lily's just today learned "sorry" (and used it in context after emptying a box of tapioca all over the kitchen floor :lol: )
  • seems like everyone is the same then, counting words that sound right but are not 100% correct pronouncation.

    DD has started with OK today but it is more 'oh ay' but hey close enough and she has been saying 'good girl' loads today too but again its 'guh gir'

    the other day she said sh*t but luckily she no one else would now as it is just he 'it' on the end, i know its meant to be 'sh*t' as its the tone of voice she uses and says it if she drops something. i balme MIL and one of the twins has picked it up too

  • I thin the girls are so far ahead!

    james knows nana for banana, uh oh! when he does something naughty and every animal he sees goes moo!!

    He is gabbling quite a bit, been having oggy oggy oggy for some time now and dadda.

    So many girls are much better, but I think James is a bit more advanced at other things - rugby style tackles with his dad!!!

  • i started making lists of the words issy could say, but she can say clearly well over 50 words now, she uses two word utterances and she asks questions now, i can pretty much understand all words she says although this weekend she has been saying codi and i have not yet figured out what she means! she is a complete chatter box and speaks from morning till night! You only hhave to tell her the name of something once or twice and she remembers it!
  • Yep, we count words that she uses regularly but are not quite pronounced correctly too!

    Having been through them quickly there's about 20 or so she uses most days. The most recent and well used are currently moo (moon), ba (ball) and wower (flower), as well as na (no!), ta, Dadda and Mumma. I can understand quite a lot of what she means now or is asking for :\)

    There's still a lot of yelling though when she can't communicate what she wants!! :roll:
  • Isaac is the same as the other boys, much more interested in physical activities than learning new words. His words so far are dog, door, bath, up, down, good, teeth he says 't'!, no and a few of his own words that he uses all the time but make no sense to us! His most used one is 'neng' which he uses when he wants something and says over and over again! He gabbles away all the time though. Sure we will be willing him to stop talking so much soon!
  • We're another lad that doesn't have a vast vocab but it is improving and he also has his own language where it's his version of what we say (for example he has a 'one, two three, go' but it doesn't sound like english, yet it's always the same sounds he produces. I supppose we must have around 10ish words now, and at least the same in his own language that we understand.

    Well done Abby for getting Ta sussed.

    Go the girls on their vocab! image
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