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Recognising themselves?

Hey lovely BIDdies!

Just a quick question re the above really...

Although Skye seems to have moved on from totally ignoring mirrors, she still doesn't seem to have much perception that the reflection she is seeing is herself! :lol:

I thought they should be well on their way to this by now? She kisses herself in the mirror, rather than running past now, but then waves bye, bye and looks around the back to see where the "other baby" is!!

I know there is a little trick you can do to see if they have perception of themselves involving putting a sticker on one side of their face and then putting them in front of the mirror and seeing if they try to take the sticker of their face (recognise themselves), or reach out to the mirror and try to take it off the reflection (don't recognise themselves!). I may try it to see what happens!! Not holding out much hope though!

Do your think your boddlers realise that the reflection is now them or not?

Iz & Skye x


  • Lily does, as when we look in the mirror together I say "where's Mummy?" and she points to me (in the mirror) and "where's Lily?" and she points to herself (in the mirror).

    Haven't heard of the sticker thing before, going to try that!
  • Josh does aswell, he loves seeing himself in mirrors and now says (what sounds like) Josh when he points at himself in them.
    The funniest thing was when we had his haircut recently and then he went and looked at himself in the mirror afterwards, he had a very suspicious look on his face like 'what have you done to my hair' hehe
  • DD does too, and she can point to herself in photos too. when she has new clothes that she has not worn before she runs straight to the mirror to have a look at them and herself

  • Yeah Lorelei is like your dd- she runs right to the mirror every morning to check herself out lol she loves photos of herself but when sees ones of her as a baby with me and dude she gets upset when we say it's her. I don't know if maybe she doesn't recognise it as her or what lol

  • The "paint-spot" (or sticker) experiment is used in animal behaviour study to assess how intelligent an animal is. You paint a spot on the animal's face and then allow it to look in the mirror. Only chimps, gorillas and elephants recognise the spot on their faces and try to remove it or touch it.

    By that reckoning Abby is about as intelligent as a dog. image

    Or maybe she just doesn't care about mirrors. She used to run up to them and wave or lick them :roll: but now she's not bothered. However I can get her to sit and fetch sticks and she loves playing with balls. Luckily when she meets dogs she just hugs them, no sniffing bottoms yet.

    H xx
  • Isaac finds it hysterical when he sees himself in the mirror, laughs his head off! I'm sure he recognises himself now. We have another kisser here, he loves to give himself a kiss in the mirror, mind you he does the same to windows and patio doors too!
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